Compact spot type ionizer with and array of available nozzles

The ER-VS02 series of ultra-compact, high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal using a high-frequency AC method. This method produces an excellent ion balance ensuring that acts to quickly remove static charge from your work piece. Also, the supplied air pressure or the setup distance does not affect the ion balance, so installation is quick and easy. The body of the ionizer is ultra-small and has the controller built-in. This offers an unparalleled freedom for machine placement where close proximity or narrow space mounting is now possible. Two LED indicators have been incorporated for simple determination of the power and discharge status at a glance.


Optimized discharge needle tip

The ionizer features a spherical tip discharge needle tip, providing more stable ion production while reducing the likelihood the tip will change over time due to electrical discharge.

Improved maintenance cycle

The ionizer has stable ion-producing performance, which provides a longer maintenance cycle of one month or more

Selection of nozzles

The ionizer features eight standard nozzle types, including shower and tube type nozzles, as well as a variety of differently shaped and made to order nozzles.

Ultra compact design

At just 109 x 27 x 28 mm, the ionizer can easily remove charges of objects in narrow spaces, and can also be simply combined with other devices or be used as an add-on. Additionally, the high-voltage power supply is built-in, so no extra space is necessary.

Produces excellent ion balance

The ionizer features a high-frequency AC method, which provides extremely stable ion balance. The ion balance is not affected by air pressure supply or by distance.

High performance with no controller needed

A wide range of functions are included in the ionizer, providing ease of use. No separate controller is needed.

Discharge halt input:

The ionizer can accept signal from an external device to turn discharge ON and OFF. Sensors can be used to detect objects so that ion air is generated only when required.

Discharge indicator:

The ionizer features an LED display, allowing discharge ON / OFF status to be checked easily.

Easy discharge needle maintenance

The discharge needle can be easily removed from the rear of the unit, eliminating the need to remove the nozzle when replacing the needle and making maintenance much faster and simpler.

Discharge needle covered by the nozzle

The discharge needle doesn't protrude from the main unit, so it cannot be accidentally touched, nor can leaks occur when it is brought near metallic objects.

Safe design

The ionizer features a checking function and an abnormal discharge monitoring function to notify the operator when it is time to clean or replace the discharge needle and to prevent discharge problems from occurring. Each function has an LED display indicator.


Charge and dust removal of relay and switch contacts

Pinpoint charge removal electronic components

Removal of dust from connectors and switches


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