Ultra-small photoelectric sensors perfect for embedded applications

The EX-10 series is one of the smallest sensors on the market today. The ultra small size allows for mounting in the smallest areas. A bright 2-color indicator on the sensor head allows for quick determination of the sensor state. The EX-10 series is also equipped with a 0.5ms response time for high-speed detection and an IP-67 rated housing for wash-down environments. The mounting options available include a front sensing type as well as a side sensing type. Each type has two, metal reinforced M3 mounting holes for stable sensor placement.

  • Self contained amplifier built in only 3.5mm thick
  • Front sensing and side sensing versions
  • Up to 1M range for front sensing thru-beam version


Ultra-small body

At just W10 x H14.5 x D3.5 mm, the EX-10 Series can be mounted in very small spaces, for any application. 


Flexible mounting 

Available in a variety of different mounting types, the EX-10 can be mounted to fit the needs of any applications.


Reduced power consumption

With a reduced power consumption of up to 65%, electric power saving is possible.


0.5 ms response times

High-speed response times allow for the detection of small and high-speed traveling objects.


ø1mmm minimum object sensing

Incorporated with slit masks, objects ø1mm or larger can be detected, making the EX-10 ideal for precise position or small parts detection.


Long-range sensing

Delivers long-range sensing at 1 m ft with a narrow beam.


Background suppression

The EX-10 Series has limited influence from background, even when separated by 100mm. 


Inverter countermeasure circuit

Now with an inverter countermeasure circuit, the EX-10 Series has significantly reduced influence from extraneous light.