Ultra-small, narrow beam photoelectric sensors ideal for small object detection in embedded spaces

Introducing the NEW Panasonic EX-10S Series photoelectric sensors. Featuring an ultra-slim size at just 3.5mm thick, the EX-10S Series can easily be embedded in applications where mounting space is limited. The narrow beam spread of the EX-10S Series allows for the sensors to be mounted in close proximity while avoiding mutual interference without the requirement of accessory slit masks. Furthermore, the narrow beam spread enables the detection of small parts down to 0.5mm in diameter. With a 0.5ms response speed, the EX-10S Series can be used to detect fast-moving or falling objects, even those that are smaller in size.

Alleviates interference

With half the light diffusion of previous models, narrow-beam models can be placed twice as closely together without the added cost of purchasing stilts.


Detects minute objects

These narrow-beam models can detect minute objects with a diameter of just 0.5mm without slits and with half of the light diffusion. These models provide a reasonable priced solution for applications requiring detection of minute objects. 


Long-range sensing

Delivers long-range sensing at 1 m/3.821 ft with a narrow beam.