All-purpose, ultra-small photoelectric sensor featuring integrated sensitivity adjuster

At the pinnacle of sensor miniaturization, the Panasonic EX-20 Series achieves one of the smallest built-in amplifier sensors in the world by fabricating the photo-diode and the A/D conversion circuit on the same chip. Featuring integrated sensitivity adjustment and an uncompromised sensing distance, the EX-20 Series is the ultimate all-purpose sensor. The EX-20 Series boasts up to a 2m detection distance with the thru-beam type, 200mm with the retroreflective type, and 160 mm for the diffuse reflective type. The visible red beam spot allows for easy confirmation of alignment. Specialized LEDs used in the EX-20 series provide a high-power, narrow beam that can produce a spot as small as 1 mm in diameter for the detection of small objects. Available in front sensing mounting options and side sensing mounting options with two metal-reinforced M3 mounting holes for a stable sensor placement.




Front and side sensing options

Up to 2 meter range with thru-beam version

Convergent and diffuse version with narrow LED beam

Miniaturization through a single chip 

By fabricating the beam-receiving photodiode and the A/D conversion circuit on a single chip optical IC, the EX-20 Series is able to perform to the same standards or better of a conventional product, at a fraction of the size.


Sensitivity adjuster incorporated

Despite its small size, the EX-20 Series features a sensitivity adjuster for fine adjustments. In the thru-beam, side sensing type sensor, the receiver incorporates an operation mode switch to allow for manipulation of the output operation.


Long-range sensing

Usable even across a wide conveyor, the EX-20 series achieves long distance sensing in spite of its size. 


Clear beam spot using red LED dot

The EX-20 Series achieves a high power- narrow beam by using a do light source with a smaller emission area that that of a conventional LED flat light source. The red beam spot is clear even at a far distance, making alignment and confirmation of sensing position easy. Reliable detection of small objects can be achieved with the thru-beam type, which incorporates a visible narrow beam. 


Electric power saving

The EX-20 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 65% and contribute to environmental friendliness. 


Identical size

Thru-beam type and diffuse reflective type sensors of the front sensing type are identical in appearance with symmetrical beam axis center, allowing for easy design.


Reinforced mounting section

Reinforced mounting sections allow for tightening with M3 screws and protect the product from damage in the case of excess tightening. 


Universal sensor mounting bracket

Universal sensor mounting brackets allow for free adjustment of the height and the angle of the sensor. 


Mounting spacer available

Front sensing type sensors can be mounted from the rear side by using the mounting spacer. 


Other features

The EX-20 series features an IP67 rating and is certified as waterproof to be used in process lines where water is used or splashed. Rust-resistant stainless steel sensor mounting brackets are available. 

Now incorporating an inverter countermeasure circuit, the EX-20 series is significantly stronger against inverter light and other extraneous light.

A 0.5 mm round slit mask and 0.5x3 mm rectangular slit mask are availalbe for both side sensing and front sens 


Detecting presence of chip components

Checking protrusion of wafer

Sensing objects from an opening