World's smallest laser sensors with built-in amplifier for long range and precision detection

The Panasonic EX-L200 series introduces the world's smallest self-contained thru-beam laser sensor. Capable of detecting a .3mm object at any location between the emitter and the receiver, the EX-L211 can be implemented for a diverse range of sensor applications. The EX-L212 is perfect for longer sensing distance applications with a sensing range of 3 meters. The EX-L200 Series is available in Thrubeam, Retroreflective, Spot Reflective, and Convergent Reflective types. 




Compact size (67% smaller than general purpose sensors)

High precision 0.3mm minimum sensing object

Long range detection

 (up to 3m)


Customized IC and optical design create high precision detection with directivity and visibility achievable only by a laser. The Class 1 laser is safe to use in any area. 


High-accuracy detection

With a repeatability of 0.02mm or less at a range of 100 to 200 mm, this type is suitable for position and minute object detection. The EX-L200 boasts a top-class detection precision in the compact laser sensor category with the gold wire of 0.01mm. 


High-precision aspheric lens

BY incorporating a high-precision molded aspheric glass lens, light aberrations are reduced and a high definition laser spot is possible. 


Small-receiver aperture 

A small receiver aperture is used for precision detection, eliminating errant beams.


Stable convergent distance sensing

With convergent distance sensing, background objects have very little effect, resulting in stable sensing. With the use of the sensitivity adjuster, background object sensing is eliminated even in small distances. The EX-L200 Series is able to sense reliably even in unevenly-colored workpieces.


Easy beam-axis alignment

Silhouetting a sensing object against a receiver makes visual positioning easy. To align the beam-axis, visually confirm the optimal receiver position and adjust the beam-axis by aligning the objects while watching the red spot on the beam alignment screen.


Easy installation

With the same mounting pitch as the EX-20 Series, the EX-L200 series is easy to design and install. 


Environmental resistance

An IP67 rating makes the EX-L200 series strong against water and dust, making it usable in diverse conditions. 


Easy to use

Reinforced M3 screws, incorporated sensitivity adjuster, low current consumption, and increased conductor thickness make the EX-L200 series easy to install and use. 


Switchable output operation

The output operation switching input enables the switching of Light-ON or Dark-ON in one unit to prevent ordering mistakes and reduces the maintenance of spare parts. 


Panasonic EX-L211

Detecting small diameter wire


Detecting ICs that are out of position in multiple palettes

Confirming arrival of substrate

Detecting objects from an opening

Detecting tip of very thin pipe

Checking protrusion of wafer

Determining electric parts position

Detecting processed holes

Detecting chip components

Sensing unevenly-colored workpieces

Sensing thin workpiece such as PCB

Sensing glossy or curved-surface workpiece