3mm photoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier for narrow installation

As the world leader in compactness among photoelectric sensors, the EX-Z series boasts a dimension of 3mm by utilizing new semiconductor packaging technology without wire bonding. The ultra-small unit size allows for installation of sensors in narrow spaces where only a conventional fiber sensor head could be installed before. The EX-Z also features a built-in amplifier. 



Reduced unit volume ratio

With a 50% reduced unit volume size compared to the EX-10 Series, the EX-Z Series is the world's thinnest sensor and allows for installation in the narrowest spaces.


Small-object sensing capability

The EX-Z features the smallest-object sensing capability in the industry capable of detecting a 0.3mm object without using a slit. 


Long-range sensing

A high-brightness 4-element red LED provides strong light emission stably over time to allow for object detection as small as 1.0mm over distances as long as 500mm from both front and side sensing units. The clearly visible spotlight enables easy confirmation of the sensing position. 


Diverse applications

An inflection resistant cable type with improved flex resistance is available for all models, allowing for the selection of a model suitable for any specific application. The standard type features lead wires with the same diameter as previous models, but a thinner outside diameter at 2.0mm as compared to the EX-10 Series. 


The EX-Z Series features an IP67 protective structure making it acceptable for use in process lines where water is used or splashed. Rust-resistant stainless steel sensor mounting brackets and screws are available. 


Mounting options

With a spacer for mounting at the back and a variety of mounting bracket types, the EX-Z series can met any sensor installation needs. 



Detection of parts in parts feeder

Detection of presence/absence of test tube tray

Detection of LED lead