Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables

A full line-up of Panasonic fiber optic cables from general purpose use fibers to special fibers that are compatible with all of the Panasonic Fiber Optic Amplifiers featuring hundreds of models to choose from with high flex/tight bend options and chemically resistant models available.


Threaded Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables with threaded barrel of various diameters for mounting with washer and lock nut. All models have an excellent minimum bend radius on the cable.

Cylindrical Smooth Fiber Cables

Cylindrical slender shape that can be mounted in narrow locations using set screws including some ultra-thin fibers with ø0.25 mm tips. These fibers are user-friendly, high quality fibers for improved centering accuracy and specularity. Stainless steel fittings are used for the fiber head of all models for improved mounting strength and RoHS conformity.


Sleeve Bendable and Non-Bendable Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables with extension sleeves for detecting small object or fitting into narrow spaces. Some types have bendable sleeves while others are non bendable.

Narrow Beam and Wafer Mapping Fiber Cables

Fiber cables with narrow beam aperature. Some versions with as little as a 2 degree aperature angle great for wafer mapping applications or other applications requiring a very narrow field of view.


Square Head Fiber Cables

Square head fiber heads can be installed cleanly on the side of a conveyor belt. The design makes it less likely for tools and other objects to catch on the fiber cable during installation.

  • Compact, space-saving design brings clean installation on the side of a conveyor belt
  • Lenses available for lens compatible type fiber heads which makes the sensing range longer when a lens is attached to a thrubeam type fiber or spot detection in case of the reflective type.
  • Oil resistant type is also available (FT-R60Y)

Superior Quality, High Precision Fiber Cables

Fiber cables with superior light intensity stability and simple digital management when combined with the FX-500 series amplifier.

When connected with the FX-500 series amplifiers, it has up to 4 times improved stability of incident light intensity compared with traditional fibers. Management is simple even when replacing amplifiers because the digital display shows the approximate value. Emitter intensity is also stable due to few curvatures and gaps in the beam axis.


Flat Mount Fiber Cables

Panasonic flat mount fiber cables are great for mounting in narrow locations thanks to their thin, rectangular shape and has good mounting options since they can be mounted directly with screws.

Chemical / Oil Resistant Fiber Cables

Panasonic fiber cables with a PFA housing and fiber sheath designed for chemical withstandability.


Heat Resistant Fiber Cables

Need heat resistant fiber cables? Check out our huge variety of fibers cables with some models rated up to 350o C (662 °F) .

Liquid Leak / Liquid Detection Fiber Cables

Fiber cables designed for liquid detection including liquid leak and liquid level.


Retro-Reflective Fiber Cables

Need heat resistant fiber cables? Check out our huge variety of fibers cables with some models rated up to 350o C (662 °F) .

Vacuum Resistant Fiber Cables

Vacuum resistant fibers designed for use in vacuum environments with a wide range of temperatures from -30 to 300o C. Possible applications include detection of glass substrate in a vacuum chamber.


Wide Beam Array Fiber Cables

Panasonic wide beam array fibers designed for detecting parts within a window / beam band. Thrubeam and diffuse models available.

Some applications can include sensing tiny moving objects, inspecting screw height, controlling the amount of meandering, and more.

Convergent Reflective Fiber Cables

Fiber cables in which the sensing distance is fixed to a specific range.


Add-on Lenses

Seeing small objects can be challenging but sensing of minute objects can be performed by combining fiber optic cables and spot lenses. Need variable spot sizes? Some models feature adjustable spot diameters. Other options include viewing right angles, vacuum rated and more.

  • Fine spot lenses
  • Long-range parallel light lenses
  • Variable spot diameter lenses
  • Vacuum rated lenses

Accessory Items for Fiber Cables

Accessory items for fiber optic cables including protective tubing, lenses, and fiber cable tips