Highly expandable lineup of PLC

  • USB port for easy connection to a PC
  • Also compatible with Ethernet


High-speed Operation

The 32-bit RISC processor provides the top-level processing speed in compact PLCs. The scan time is 2 ms or less for 5,000 steps. A high-speed PLC is indispensable for enhancing the functionality of equipment.

Large Capacity Program Memory

FP-X, which is equipped with 32k steps program memory, is ideal for a variety of functions, such as communications, positioning, and analog control. The large program capacity can also support future equipment modifications.

Independent Comment Memory

There are difficulties with program management on a PC, such as identifying the latest program. The use of the program in the PLC of equipment in operation is often regarded as the best option. Since FP-X has an independent comment memory, all comments can be stored in the PLC together with programs, facilitating program management and maintenance.

Maximum Number of I/O Points

Since up to eight expansion units can be connected to one control unit, the maximum number of I/O points is 300. Furthermore, with the add-on cassette and expansion FP0 adapter connected, the number of I/O points can be increased to 382.


Up to Three Channels

Three channels are available with a combination of a communication cassette (two-channel type) and the tool port. The combinations of a wide variety of communication functions can support diversified applications.


With a communication cassette (Ethernet type), inspection data, production data, and error information can be easily collected.


Communications with equipment compatible with Modbus-RTU (binary), a worldwide de-facto standard, are available without programming. E.g. temperature controllers and inverters

PLC Link

With a communication cassette (RS485 type), bit data/word data can be easily shared among up to 16 FP-X units.

Computer Link

Easy communications with equipment compatible with Panasonic's open protocol "MEWTOCOL" are available without programming. E.g. displays, image processors, temperature controllers, and power meters


Commands are generated/transmitted in accordance with the communication protocol of the target equipment. Or, nonprocedural data receiving is available. E.g. measuring instruments, barcode readers, and RF-ID


Built-in 4-axis Pulse Output

The transistor output type C14 comes with 3-axis while C30/60 comes with 4-axis pulse output built-in the control unit. The multi-axis control, which previously required a higher-level PLC or additional positioning unit, or two or more PLC units, can now be achieved with only one FP-X transistor output type unit in a small space at a low cost. In addition, as this type does not require a pulse I/O cassette needed for a relay output type, other function expansion cassettes such as communication or analog input can be attached for more diversified applications.


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