Ultra-compact PLC

  • Built-in dual Ethernet ports
  • Multiple interfaces that connect with various devices

Basic Performance

High-speed operation processing

  • 8x faster than conventional models
  • Basic instruction: 10 ns up to 10k steps

High capacity maximum

  • 2x larger than conventional models
  • Program capacity 64 k / 40 k /24 k step variable

Data capacity

  • 12 k / 24 k / 32 k / 64 k step variable

Up to 384 I/O points can be added with FP0H / FPS / FP0R units

Built-in 4-axis pulse outputs

Built-in 4-axis pulse output allows simultaneous control of 2-axis linear interpolation for two sets.

High-speed counter input and pulse output

Ladder programs can be combined to create an application for counting pulse signals from the encoder through the high speed counter input and adjusting the pulse output frequency based on the count to synchronize the slave axis speed with the master axis speed.

Built-in multipoint PWM outputs

The pulse output port of FP0H can also serve as a PWM output port.

Varied connection options

  • EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and MC protocol compatibility

  • Easy connection with all kinds of robots and PLCs

  • Cassette system reduces unit cost and installation space

Logs collected information

  • An SD memory card slot and a logging trace function are provided.
  • A project copy function can copy ladder data without a PC.
  • Variable data capacity handles capacity shortage.
  • Program capacity: Max. 64 k steps

Using the FP0H for Ethernet IP and IO link


Call for lead time*

Call for lead time*