Compatible with industrial network Ethernet protocol

The FP7 supports EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT and provides an integrated system through the control of sensors and servo motors, etc., and data transmission with high-order servers.

Cassette system reduces unit cost and footprint

With ease and at low cost, extend the serial communication and analog functionality of CPU units.

Equipped to deal with any protocol

To enable information collection, because the FP7 can deal with any protocol for Ethernet / serial communications, the FP7 can be installed in existing facilities.

Communicating with up to 220 equipment units

Communicate easily with many units, including automation control equipment such as PLCs and information equipment such as PCs.

Easy multiple concurrent logging

Logging set up is done via the configuration screen. Moreover, it is possible to keep up to 16 files concurrently active.

Protection of log data

Diagnosis of rewrite life of SD memory card helps protect valuable information assets.

Use program and data register sharing to resolve data space shortage.

No need repurchase expensive upgrade models.