Ultra-slim, low-cost fiber optic sensors for diverse applications

The FX-100's ultra-slim design features a 9mm width and integrated mounting holes for installation in any application. The four chemical, visible red LED used for the emitter ensures long life operation and high-powered sensing. This sensor incorporates a dual digital display for simple setup, along with automatic push-button teaching and external input capabilities. Advanced functions including threshold tracking, timers, LED attenuation, and interference prevention allow the FX-100 to compete with fiber optic units that are twice its price. The connection options for the FX-100 series consist of an industry standard M8 quick disconnect along with an option that utilizes the same quick connect cable found in the Panasonic (formerly Sunx) DP-100 and PM series.

  • Low cost, dual display fiber amplifiers are perfect for basic fiber applications
  • Simple set-up and confirmation with dual digital display
  • Space saving design with a width of only 9mm
  • Stable light intensity with 4 chemical LED design