2-Wire inductive proximity sensors for wire saving installations

This GX-U Series sensor will be discontinued in September of 2022. Please contact Ramco Innovations (800) 280-6933 for best replacement options

The GX-U/FU series of cylindrical proximity sensors is a high-performance, easy to use solution for your metal detection needs. It features a robust mounting area that has been improved to accept approx. four times greater tightening torque than that of conventional models. Because the sensor can be securely tightened, it is suitable for use in applications that are susceptible to vibration or shock.

The series features simple a 2-wire DC hookup with an optional quick-disconnect for fast replacement. A bright, two-color indicator at the base of the sensor provides the user with easy verification of the output status. A wide range of units is available from the ultra-thin GX-5SU(B), just 5.4mm in diameter, to the ultra long-range GX-20MLU(B), with a 22mm detecting distance. Other options include resin-coated models that are suitable for use in welding environments.

2 wire to 3 wire

Converting a 2 wire proximity to 3 Wire type