HG-F1 Series Compact Long Range Distance Sensor

 With a Super compact aluminum housing the HG-F Series is not only robust  but also compact enough to fit in a very tight spaces. With a sensing range of up to 3 Meters the sensor can be placed out of the way and still over excellent repeatability and accuracy

Key Features

  • Compact and robust design
  • Long-range sensing capability
  • Lightweight and high-strength aluminum diecast case
  • Built-in TOF sensor module
  • Easy to install and use
  • Versatile range of applications

Commissioning made Simple

Easy setting with digital display. Analog output capability perfect for data monitoring and keeping track of processes.

Beam Position 

Easily confirm sensing position with the beam spot check mode that increases intensity of laser during set-up in order

position the sensor optimally

Small Size

With a super small footprint of 20X44X25 the HG-F Series can be mounted in tight spaces.