High speed, high resolution laser displacement sensor

  • Ultra high speed (100kHz)
  • Excellent resolution for demanding measurement applications
  • Data buffering function in the controller for storing 65,000 pieces of data

The HL-C2 series is an ultra high speed, high precision, laser displacement sensor from Panasonic. Designed with precision measurement in mind, the HL-C2 series performs at the top of its class in the areas that mean the most: speed, accuracy, and precision. With a blazing 100kHz sampling rate, the HL-C2 provides near instantaneous feedback suitable for the fastest R&D processes. The optics HL-C2 have be custom designed to offer a rock solid linearity of ±0.02%. The HL-C2 series employs an high density linear cell CMOS receiver for resolution values down to 0.01 µm.