High-precision, all-in-one laser displacement sensor

Panasonic introduces an intelligent, all-in-one laser displacement sensor in the HL-G1 Series. Its state-of-the-art CMOS sensing method allows for high-precision measurement of objects impossible for the conventional PSD method. Objects with non-reflective surfaces like black rubber or metal surfaces with hairline cracks are no challenge to the HL-G1 Series and can now be sensed reliably and precisely. 



Ultimate all-in-one series

The HL-G1 Series is the ultimate all-in-one tool that delivers high-precision measurement and computer-driven data analysis. With a high resolution of 0.5 µm and an LED digital display that provides exceptional ease of use, the HL-G1 series is perfect for a variety of applications. Compact design, quick set up, and a user friendly interface accommodate any application. 


Easy to use display

The built-in digital display makes it easy to perform sensor setting while checking displacement values. 


Compact, lightweight body

With its compact size and lightweight resin body, the HL-G1 Series is perfect for installation on movable parts. 


Easy installation

Controller installation and mounting space are not required because controller function is included in the sensor unit, making it easy to embed in machines and production lines. 


Protected from water and dust

The IP67 protective enclosure allows the HL-G1 Series to be used in the presence of water and dust, with mounting holes aligned with metal sleeves allowing the instrument to tightened securely in place. 


Integrated communications interface

High function types from the HL-G1 Series can be connected 1:1 to communicate with upstream devices. 



Controlling the height of a dispenser nozzle

Positioning of wafer

Measuring the eccentricity of a metal shaft

Detection of circuit board warpage

Measurement of sheet thickness

Testing sheet slack