High precision amplifier separate laser sensor with dual digital display

The LS series of laser sensors provides stable sensing for all of your high-precision, long-range application needs. With 6 different sensing heads to choose from, wide beam (200mm), as well as tight beam spot, (0.3mm) versions are available for use in a wide array or applications. The coaxial retro-reflective long range sensing head provides sensing at up to 30-meter distances. The functions built in to the LS series contribute to its high-performance status. An integrated M.G.S. function allows for the user to adjust the receiving sensitivity to one of three levels based on the reflectivity or transparency of the target object. In addition, three specialized sensing modes have been integrated to make complex sensing methods simple.

  • Easy and accurate adjustments
  • Laser line diffuse (200mm)
  • Simple user interface with push button jog switch
  • Interference prevention function prevents against interference among 4 sensors
  • Some types compatible with upper communication functions to facilitate preventative maintenance


Flexible for any application

With six different laser sensor heads, the LS-400 Series is suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Featuring a built-in spot-size adjuster on the back of the sensor head, easily adjust the sensor while viewing the spot.


Four sensing modes

Hysteresis Mode: Adjust the hysteresis to cancel out the convex-concave parts of uneven objects to create more stable sensing. 

Window Comparator Mode: Set two threshold values to determine the incident light range for the sensor. 

2 Independent Output Modes: Detect meandering objects within a wide array of control by combining two output modes. 

Differential Sensing Mode: Ideal for positioning, as only rapid changes in light received are detected. 

Minute variation sensing

Easily adjust the sensitivity without effecting the response time to one of 3 levels for optimal sensing.


View settings at a glance

View amplifier setting conditions at a glance with the 8-digit code. 



Detecting objects with a complex shape: The LS-400 Series' linear sensing provides stable detection of objects with complex shapes. 

Detecting the remaining amount of sheet rolls: Featuring a coaxial retroreflective sensor, the LS-400 Series can measure amounts remaining on sheet rolls with high precision.

Detecting electronic component pins: Easily set the LS-400 Series to detect the smallest off objects from a remote location by adjusting the spot shape.