Laser sensor with compact sensor heads and an available 4-20 ma output

The LS-500 series is a high speed Class 1 laser sensor. It has a threshold tracking feature that allows the sensor to adjust its threshold to compensate for tough environments such as dirt and dust. In addition to its effectiveness in dirty settings, the LS-500 Series boasts one of the industry's fastest response times at 60 microseconds of detection time. This high precision laser sensor is engineered to be integrated with other Panasonic products such as the FX-500 Series fiber sensors, which minimizes wiring and diminishes cost. The LS-500 Series is in the top of its class among laser sensors in the high function, high application market. This small unit has dual outputs that can be independently configured for different threshold values. The device eliminates the need for a dedicated logic controller by performing AND, OR, and XOR logic operations. The LS-500 Series has a built-in memory that can store up to eight sets of amplifier settings. This memory function reduces downtime when changing the setup in a multi-model production environment.

  • 4 small-sized sensor head configurations
  • Analog output, 4-20ma (LS-501-C2 ONLY)
  • 8 data banks with logic functions
  • Can be integrated into communication networks
  • AND, OR, and XOR logic functionality built in