Digital RGB color mark sensors with built-in amplifier

The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red, Green, and Blue) offering high precision sensing of any color marking. A four digit digital display allows for user-friendly setting and monitoring of sensor settings. Six easy-to-see indicators surround the main display allowing quick and easy confirmation of the operating mode. Also, the threshold value can be conveniently checked at the touch of a button. One-level, two-level and fully automatic teaching methods are available with an option of external teaching if the sensor is not easily accessible. The LX-100 series has two detection modes.

  • RGB color sensor for high speed detection of registration marks
  • High precision coaxial optical system ensures accurate sensing
  • Digital display and advanced set up
  • Key lock function prevents accidental changes to sensor settings


High precision sensing

Featuring coaxial reflective optics and a 15mm spot allow for stable, high precision detection of any mark. 


Automatic optimal selection

The Mark mode function automatically selects the optimal RGB LEDs to provide the highest contrast between the mark and the base for precision sensing. By making selections according to the contrast rather than the reflected light variation, more stable detection is provided.


Mark mode detection

In the Mark mode detection setting, the sensing mode automatically selects a single color for a rapid 45 µs response time, ideal for applications where ultra-quick sensing is required. 


Color mode detection

In the Color mode detection, high precision discrimination is possible through RGB reflective light ratio.


High precision color discrimination

In Color mode, all 3 RGB LEDs are utilized to determine the ratio of the mark color, with a built-in 12-bit A/D converter enabling high precision.


Large digital display

With a bright, highly visible digital display, setting control is easier than ever, with 4-digit digital display for easy verification.



The LX-100 series is easy to operate with any level of experience, featuring 6 indicators (MODE NAVI) to display the sensor's basic operations.


Digitally controllable

Verify sensing status at a glance with numerical digital display.


Settings verification at a glance

Direct codes make visual settings verification easy and allow for maintenance by phone. 


Direct code table

Verify setting modes with a 4-digit (D-code).


Simple teaching

Simply press the ON button at the targeted mark. 2-level teaching, 1-level teaching, and full auto teaching options are all possible. 


External teaching possible

Teaching via external input using an operation or touch panel is also possible. 


Compact design

Save space in your operations with a compact device (W57 x D24 x H38 mm) with cable and plug-in connector types available.