Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications


Space saving, pocket sized 

picking sensor

Clearly visible programmable 

job indicator


Ultra-slim design

Mutual interference prevention (side by side)

Long distance sensing range of 3 m


Ultra-slim body

Now with half the thickness of traditional models, the NA1-PK5/NA1-5 Series is perfect for applications where space saving is necessary without losing function.


Visible Indicators

Featuring 55mm bright and easy-to-see job indicators in both the emitter and the receiver, status is clearly visible.


Multiple unit installation

More than one unit can now be operated side-by-side without interference for detection over wider areas by setting different light emission frequencies.


Selectable light pattern

Select continuous lighting or blinking for customizable job indicator operation status.


Selectable detection operation

Select single or double beam interruption to best fit your specific application. 



Preventing the selection of incorrect parts

Detection of parts with wide positioning areas