Sensor controller provides power with simple logic and timer functions

  • Provides power to up to sensors
  • Timer options
  • And/or logic functions

The NPS series is a multi-functional slim sensor controller. Mountable on 35 mm (1.378 in) DIN rail, it reduces mounting space and mounting operations. It is useful for various applications because the controller has two outputs, relay contact and NPN open-collector transistor output. (NPS-C7 and NPS-CT7 only) Two sensors can be connected, and two independent outputs are generated. A synchronized input is possible at either the rising or the falling edge of the external synchronization signal. With this, now only one controller suffices where earlier two were required in applications, such as detecting presence of bottle caps.


DIN rail mounting

The controllers are easily mountable on 35mm DIN rail, reducing mounting space required for operation.

Edge trigger

The controller is capable of synchronized input at either the rising or falling edge of the external synchronization signal, reducing the number of controllers needed.