Ultra-slim safety light curtains built for high end performance and efficiency

The Panasonic SF4C Series Type 4 light curtain combines high end performance with an ultra-slim enclosure. The light curtain has been designed to offer a machine safeguarding solution without sacrificing productivity. Its size and shape allow for it to fit efficiently into small machinery while maximizing the usable working space for the equipment operator. The super slim design makes this series perfect for installations with small work areas. 



Only 13.2mm

(.520 in) thick

Large built in 

multi-purpose indicators

Built in external device monitoring removes need for safety relay unit

Slim size for efficient applications

The SF4C series expands available work space from the previous model and improves productivity. 


Downsized equipment 

The depth and guard of the equipment of the finger protection type can be downsized by decreasing the safety distance compared to the hand protection type. 


Large multi-purpose indicator

The SF4C Series can be used in a variety of applications for simplified equipment. The bright LED indicators located in the center of both sides of each safety light curtain can be illuminated by using external inputs. With no need to set up a separate indicator, the SF4C Series makes it easy to consolidate equipment.


Reduced startup time

Beam-axis alignment indicators help to reduce startup time by displaying the beam channels in four blocks to make it easy to determine the incident light position at a glance. 


Fixed blanking function

The fixed blanking function allows specific beam channels to be selectively interrupted without causing the control output to output the OFF signal to improve productivity. 


Floating blanking function

The floating function allows 1, 2, or 3 non-specified beam channels to be deactivated to improve productivity. 


Safety, productivity, and cost reduction

The safety light curtain has a built-in muting control function that causes the line to stop only when a person passes through the safety light curtain, and does not stop the line when an object passes through. The muting sensors and muting lamps can be connected directly to the safety light curtain. The large multi-purpose indicators can be used as muting lamps, which making wiring easier, improve safety and productivity, and reduce costs. 


Selective muting area control

The handy-controller can be used to carry out muting control for specified beam channels. Because individual beam channel can be specified to suit the object, separate guards to prevent entry to not need to be set up. 


Object exit safety measures

Muting at the exit of a machine is now possible using the handy-controller by setting a Max. four second delay timer on the muting sensors located at the exit. This is efficient for places with no installation space for muting sensors and helps to reduce cost and wiring. 


No safety relay unit needed

The safety light curtain has a built-in external device monitoring function and an interlock function. This allows a safety circuit to be constructed so that a separate safety relay unit is not needed and reduces the control box size to help achieve lower costs. 


Wire-saving industry first

In an industry first, contact outputs such as an emergency stop switches or a safety door switches can be connected to the safety light curtain. By using the handy-controller, up to three sets of safety light curtains can be cascade connected for a consolidated safety output. 


Other features

A single model supports both polarities

 The PNP transistor output and NPN transistor output are combined in a single model reducing model numbers. Overseas equipment that uses PNP, replacement with NPN sensors, factories that are positively grounded, and transfer of equipment overseas area ll situations where the control circuits for a single model are suitable for use worldwide. 

Lightweight body

The SF4C Series is made of a resin, making it 45% lighter than the conventional aluminum case type. Its lightweight body eases the burden on the mounting surface and contributes to overall reduced weight during equipment transportation. 

IP67 protection structure

An IP67 rating is achieved even in an ultra-slim resin body by using a laser welding method. 

Fast response time for all models

The SF4C series reduces the safety distance as well as the calculation work required for the safety distance among models with different beam channels.

Suitable material for manufacturing

the SF4C body is made of resin and the mounting bracket is made of Stainless Steel, so materials used are limited and are suitable or manufacturing secondary batteries or for food production equipment. 

Reducing the number of malfunctions 

Double scanning method and retry processing are effective in eliminating the effects of extraneous light.