Type 4 safety sensor protects small openings or large areas

  • Single beam 
  • Protection in wide areas to narrow spaces 
  • Compact sensor head with industry standard mounting pitch 
  • Series connection allows for a total of 18 sensors connected in one system

The ST4 series from Panasonic offers a single beam safety sensor for machine guarding applications that do not require full light curtain setup. The ST4 series can be expanded to allow for 6 sensors wired in series and up to three controllers for a total system of 18 sensors. This allows for coverage of a larger area with full interference prevention. The sensor heads of the ST4 series have a compact size that is similar to that of the CX-400 general purpose sensors. They also utilize the same mounting pitch for a simple, standardized mounting approach.


Series connection of sensors and interference prevention

The number of sensor heads and controllers can be easily changed to meet the heights and the required numbers of the protection area.

Beam axis alignment and operation confirmation

The ST-4 series features a beam interruption indicator in both the emitter and receiver, which can be used for both operation confirmation and for beam axis alignment. Additionally, the stability indicator indicates if the incident light intensity exceeds 150% in stable operation.

Supports beam axis alignment at startup and quick restoration in case of trouble

The light received condition of the sensor heads can be confirmed by the controller, as well as any abnormal sensors during lockout can be identify.

Control of interference to surrounding sensors

The sensor heads feature an emission adjuster that can be used to reduce the emission to control any interference to the surrounding sensors.

Supports both PNP and NPN polarities

A single controller unit can be configured for PNP / NPN output switching, which reduces the number of parts needed. 

Reduced setup and maintenance time

The ST-4 series features easy connector connections, removable terminal blocks, semiconductor output, and spring method terminal blocks, all of which work to reduce setup time and maintenance.

Line restarts smoothly after being stopped while muting control was active

If the sensor head is interrupted by an object, or there is an emergency stop before muting conditions have been established, the sensor heads will be temporarily deactivated following a smooth restart.


Detecting intrusion into danger area

Confirming safety at mounting machine