Full line-up of static control devices

Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces. The solution is the line of Panasonic (formerly Sunx) static sensing and reduction sensors. The high-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them. Explore the models listed below to find the best unit for your needs.


Electrostatic Sensors

The EF-S1 series of electrostatic sensors in-line capable allowing you to monitor static levels and respond to it immediately.

Area Pulse Ionizers

With a space saving, slim, bar style design, the Panasonic ER-X static ionizer series provides highly efficient charge removal, while taking up minimal space. Utilizing a pulsed AC ionization method, it is possible to effectively remove surface charges without the need for a compressed air source; however, the option exists of adding a compressed air source for added benefits such as dust dispersion or coverage of high speed webs. This hybrid approach to the ionization of surface charges give the ER-X series unparalleled application flexibility.


Compact Static Ionizers

The ER-VS02 series of ultra-compact, high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal using a high-frequency AC method. This method produces an excellent ion balance ensuring that acts to quickly remove static charge from your work piece. Also, the supplied air pressure or the setup distance does not affect the ion balance, so installation is quick and easy. The body of the ionizer is ultra-small and has the controller built-in. This offers an unparalleled freedom for machine placement where close proximity or narrow space mounting is now possible. Two LED indicators have been incorporated for simple determination of the power and discharge status at a glance.


Thin Type Ionizers

Remove static with the Panasonic ER-VW series of thin type, high frequency static ionizers

Compact Fan Type Ionizers

Incorporating our unique high-frequency AC method and "Sirocco fan", we have achieved excelling balanced charge removal performance even at slow fan speeds. Particularly well suited to spot charge removal on semiconductor post-processing and electronic component manufacturing equipment, these super compact units immediately solve your problems with static electricity without requiring compressed air.


Fan Type Ionizers

A fan-type ionizer with a 120 mm (4.724 in) fan diameter that has a class leading compact size for reducing workbench clutter and increasing efficiency.

Hand Held Pulse Air Gun Ionizers

Air-gun type ionizer that can remove dust in a single burst using pulsed air



Panasonic ER-VS01 replace with ER-VS02

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Panasonic EC-G02 Pulse Air-gun Ionizer High Freq AC method

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