Amplifier Separate Push Button Teach Photoelectric Sensor

The SU7/SH Series is now obsolete. When current in stock items are depleted this series will no longer be available

The SU-7/SH series of photoelectric sensors is a slim, compact separate amplifier detection solution for a wide range of applications. The 10mm thick slim amplifier offers simple, easy to use automatic threshold setting. Nine advanced functions are also available such as limit sensitivity setting and sensitivity shift as we well as an array of external control options and timing delays. Also, interference prevention is possible for two sensor heads to be mounted in close proximity with each other. Twelve sensor heads are available ranging from the small beam spot SH-82R (0.7mm diameter spot) to ultra long-range types like the SH-33R (2m distance). Specialized sensors are also available that offer chemical resistance or even detection of glass substrates.