Ergonomic optical touch switch for two hand control applications

The SW-101 is a zero force replacement for mechanical push buttons that are commonly used in two hand control safety applications. It features a comfortable, ergonomic design that allows for multiple mounting configurations to achieve optimum application coverage.

Fully configurable operation indicators add to the functionality of the switch by offering visual feedback to the operator with respect to the process status. Long life PhotoMOS outputs coupled with a virtually indestructible casing make the SW-101 a perfect addition to any machine safety program.

Note: The SW-101 Optical Touch Switch must be used with an applicable safety controller to meet OSHA requirements for a two hand control safety system.


Greater convenience with less stress on the hands.

Reduces false operation

The SW-100 series of optical touch switches feature a slight delay in response time, so the switch will not respond to a dropped object or a bump of the elbow. The switch will only respond when touched by the hand.

Equipped with external input indicators

The switches feature two sets of external input indicators in two colors, which can be utilized as operation indicators in a variety of applications.

Prevents false operation by dirt

If the switch is continually obstructed for more than 10 seconds, by dust, etc, then the switch is disabled and the yellow fault indicator illuminates.

Uses a long-lasting Photo-MOS relay

The switch utilizes a Photo-MOS relay for the output, which allows a unit to be configured without a specific output polarity and eliminates the need for periodic replacement of parts such as contact-type relays.