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Item #: G9SE221T05

Omron 0-5sOFF-Delay Time Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay

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Item #: G9SE221T30

Omron 0-30sOFF-Delay Time Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay

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Panasonic DP-0 Series - Digital Pressure Sensor for Gas (8/23/2019)
Compact digital pressure sensor for gas with high visibility display The DP-0 pressure sensor series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to... (more)
Banner Q4X Series - All-Purpose Photoelectric Sensor (12/21/2020)
Versatile photoelectric sensor with robust housing for diverse application needs The Banner Q4X Photoelectric Sensor Series offers superior performance and high quality sensing in an... (more)
Optex E Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Series (8/13/2019)
Self-contained miniature side and front-sensing photoelectric sensor Space saving size Push button teach CMOS linear image background suppression laser sensor Long sensing range... (more)
Shop Nachi & OTC Products By Series (6/4/2020)
Nachi Heavy Payload Robots MC Heavy Loader Series Learn More MR 7-Axis Flexible Motion Series Learn More MZ Series for Handling Learn More Nachi... (more)
Banner TL30F Series - Linear Segmented Indicators (9/4/2019)
Illuminated tower light segments with up to 5 color display Illuminated tower light segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance Provide easily visible indication of... (more)
NOW HIRING: Territory Manager SouthEast Iowa, Quad Cities (3/23/2021)
RA M CO Inn ovat ions is an Automation Solutions Provider (distributor) who has been in business since 1962. We sell technically applied produ cts... (more)
Panasonic HL-G1 Series - Laser Displacement Sensors (10/16/2020)
High-precision all-in-one laser displacement sensor Panasonic introduces an intelligent all-in-one laser displacement sensor in the HL-G1 Series. Its state... (more)
Eaton PowerXL DG1 General Purpose Drives (8/30/2019)
Designed to take safety to the next level The DG1 general-purpose drives are part of the Eaton next-generation PowerXL series of adjustable frequency... (more)
Panasonic SW-100 Series Optical Touch Switches (8/23/2019)
Ergonomic optical touch switch for two hand control applications The SW-101 is a zero force replacement for mechanical push buttons that are commonly used... (more)
Banner WLS27 Series - EZ-STATUS Multi-color Strip Light (9/4/2019)
Robust multi-color LED strip lights combine illumination and indication Available in three- and five-color models Banner s new WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights... (more)
Omron eCobra Scara Robot Series (9/20/2019)
The eCobra Scara Robot series offers a compact system footprint saving valuable floor space while minimizing installation costs and complexity Omron s Adept eCobra 600... (more)
Omron K6CM Motor Monitoring Device (8/13/2019)
Providing real-time motor health maintenance personnel The K6CM is the latest motor condition monitoring device with the ability to quantify the status of a... (more)
Optex BGS-HL Series - High Resolution Laser Sensor (9/3/2019)
High accuracy compact laser sensors with enhanced sensing resolution Highest accuracy detection Background suppression with CMOS linear image sensor Excellent repeatability Detection of parts position... (more)
Omron Cobra Scara Robot Series (10/17/2019)
Omron s Adept Cobra robots deliver performance unmatched in the industry. High-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly material handling packaging machine tending screw... (more)
Optex TOF-L Series - Long Distance Laser Sensor (8/28/2019)
This compact long distance laser sensor uses time of flight technology to detect presence of a target from as far as 4.5 meters from... (more)
Panasonic Compact FP0R PLC Series (1/10/2020)
Pocket-size ultra-compact programmable logic controller for use in extremely narrow spaces Large capacity program/data memory Program capacity: 32 k steps max. Data... (more)
Packaging Solutions from Panasonic (8/9/2019)
Looking for packaging solutions? Check out some selected possible applications of Panasonic products engineered to improve your packaging processes. Don t see what you re... (more)
Omron ZW-5000 Compact Confocal Sensor (8/13/2019)
Solve more inspection applications The ZW-5000 outperforms laser displacement sensors in inspection applications where its ultra-small spot size makes it possible to do... (more)
Banner TL50 Pro Series - Tower Lights with IO-Link (9/4/2019)
Bright multi-color tower lights with IO-Link TL50 Pro Tower Lights with IO-Link utilize bright multi-color RGB LED lights enabling millions of... (more)
Banner K30 Pro Series - Programmable Color Indicator (9/3/2019)
Compact programmable multi-color indicator Compact indicator in a 30 mm illuminated dome provides bolder brighter status indication and offers seven standard colors from just... (more)
Material Solutions from Panasonic (8/9/2019)
Looking for material handling solutions? Looking to improve your efficiency when handling materials? Below are some selected examples of Panasonic products that can improve your... (more)
Panasonic GX-F/H Series - Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/28/2019)
High performance inductive proximity sensor with unprecedented stability durability and workability The Panasonic GX-F/H Series introduces an exciting new line of high performance... (more)
Panasonic SF4D Series - Robust Safety Light Curtains (8/23/2019)
Durable ultra-fast safety light curtains The Panasonic SF4D series of safety light curtains are easy to use compact in size and feature a new... (more)
Panasonic ST-4 Series Compact Safety Beam Sensors (2/6/2020)
Type 4 safety sensor protects small openings or large areas Single beam Protection in wide areas to narrow spaces Compact sensor head with industry standard... (more)
Banner Q26 Clear Object Sensor (12/21/2020)
Compact sensor with easy adjustment for clear object detection Sensor solution for clear object detection applications. The Q26 cannot be tricked by mirror-like surfaces... (more)
Optex Fiber Optic Cables Series (12/12/2019)
Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables Optex Fa s complete line of fiber optic cables includes hundreds of options for many demanding applications... (more)
Omron E5C Series - Temperature Controllers (11/14/2019)
Compact and intelligent general purpose controllers The next generation E5C series temperature controller is setting a new standard in terms of regulation performance easy set... (more)
Panasonic BE-A Series - Optical Bubble Sensors (8/23/2019)
Small-diameter optical bubble sensors The BE-A Series from Panasonic is an optical air bubble sensor that simply and easily connects to small diameter... (more)
Banner DXM700 Wireless Controller (9/3/2019)
Expanded capabilities in a compact device Banner s new DXM700 wireless controllers offer many of the valuable benefits of existing DXM controllers but also feature... (more)
Contact (2/19/2020)
Locations Des Moines IA Ramco Innovations 1207 Maple St PO Box 65310 West Des Moines IA 50265 Phone: (515) 225-6933 Toll Free: (800) 328... (more)
Omron NJ1 Series - Machine Automation Controller (9/9/2019)
The easy way to perfect temperature control The Omron NJ1 is the entry level Sysmac CPU specially designed to address basic industrial controller applications while... (more)
Optex CD33-L Specular Reflective Laser Measurement (4/9/2020)
Compact laser high accuracy laser measurement sensor for specular and transparent objects Transparent Glass Measurement: Ability to measure 1st surface of transparent material or 1st... (more)
Panasonic ER-Q Compact Fan Type Ionizers (1/22/2020)
Spot charge removal without compressed air - Environmentally friendly and high performance Incorporating our unique high-frequency AC method and Sirocco fan we have achieved excelling... (more)
Omron Sysmac Delta Parallel Robot (10/21/2019)
The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform The Delta solution can achieve up to 200 cycles per minute and can be synchronised with... (more)
Static Prevention & Control Devices (1/22/2020)
Full line-up of static control devices Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces. The solution is the line... (more)
Banner QM30VT Series Wireless Vibration and Temp Sensor (10/31/2019)
Vibration and Temperature Monitoring QM30VT Series sensors have a low-profile design and rigid metal construction that reduces resonant interference and increases surface contact enabling... (more)
Grace Engineered Voltage Test Station (8/30/2019)
Enhance your electrical safety program through safety-by-design The Voltage Test Station combines Grace s Safe-Test Point with a voltage indicator conveniently placed... (more)
ABB ACS580-07 Cabinet Built Drives (8/29/2019)
Switch on simplicity without trading off efficiency The ACS580 general purpose drive is equipped with built-in features that simplify ordering and delivery and reduce... (more)
Panasonic NA1-PK5/ NA1-5 Series - Slim Picking Sensors (2/3/2020)
Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications Space saving pocket sized picking sensor Clearly visible programmable job indicator . Ultra-slim design Mutual interference prevention... (more)
Banner Wireless Pressure Sensor (9/4/2019)
All-in-one pressure sensor and wireless node Sure Cross Performance Series all-in-one pressure sensors and wireless nodes make it easy to monitor... (more)
Optex OPPF High Function LED Lighting Controller (9/6/2019)
Adanced LED Lighting Controller - Increased-capacity controller with built-in sensing function Increased capacity with up to 48 W in PWM mode and up to... (more)
Panasonic EC-G02 Hand Held Pulse Air Gun Ionizers (8/23/2019)
Air-gun type ionizer that can remove dust in a single burst using pulsed air Resources Brochure Manual cad files INSERTLIST:EC-G02 Shop the... (more)
Panasonic ER-F Series Fan Type Ionizers (1/22/2020)
Compact fan type ionizers A fan-type ionizer with a 120 mm (4.724 in) fan diameter that has a class leading compact size for... (more)
Panasonic GX Series 3-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensors (2/11/2020)
Compact high-performance inductive proximity sensors High Performance Threaded and non threaded versions Compact housing Increased sensing distance The GX series of compact inductive proximity... (more)
Panasonic GX-U Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/23/2019)
2-Wire inductive proximity sensors for wire saving installations The GX-U/FU series of cylindrical proximity sensors is a high-performance easy to use... (more)
Panasonic HD-T1 Series - LED Wafer Alignment Sensors (8/23/2019)
High precision wafer alignment sensor Utilizing a safe LED light beam the HD-T1 series is capable of high precision detection of wafer orientation with... (more)
Panasonic SU-7/SH Series - Slim Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
Amplifier Separate Push Button Teach Photoelectric Sensor The SU-7/SH series of photoelectric sensors is a slim compact separate amplifier detection solution for a... (more)
Optex Z4 Series - Photoelectric Sensors (1/2/2020)
Industry-standard photoelectric sensor Enhanced ambient illuminance resistance against sunlight incandescent and LED lights Brighter status indicators for remote status monitoring IO-Link connection supported... (more)
FD-V100 6-Axis Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDV100 6-axis robot is designed for material handling and other applications that require a larger payload and reach. Built-in application cabling utilities... (more)
FD-V80 6-Axis Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDV80 6 axis robot is designed for material handling and other applications that require a larger payload and reach. Built-in application cabling utilities... (more)
Optex CD4 Laser Measurement Sensors (4/9/2020)
Cost effective controller separate high accuracy laser measurement sensor Two lasers can be connected to one controller with thickness measurement built in Controller has an... (more)
Banner QCM50 Series High-Performance Color Sensor (3/2/2021)
Reliable color verification even in challenging color and contrast-based applications Features Reliable color detection across the entire range of the sensor Up to 12... (more)
Nachi MR Series Flexible Motion 7-Axis Robot (12/13/2019)
MR Series With a programmable pose this 7 axis arm design can handle complex motions to flexibility work in processes that other robots cannot. The... (more)
Pfannenberg PKS 3000 Series Air Heat Exchanger (8/30/2019)
Next generation cooling for electrical enclosures Pfannenberg s PKS 3000 Series Air to Air Heat Exchangers use a revolutionary next-generation cooling technology that out... (more)
Optex BA Series All-In-One Type Thermal Sensors (8/28/2019)
All-in-one thermal sensor with built-in amplifier All-In-One Non-Contact Thermal Sensor (Thermohunter) Temperature ranges of 0 to 500? (0 to... (more)
EPick Vacuum Grippers (9/30/2019)
The Future of Vacuum Grippers Robotiq Vacuum Grippers can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up uneven and even workpieces... (more)
Eaton XTSE Series Safety Contactors (8/30/2019)
Designed to take safety to the next level Eaton s XTSE safety contactors are designed with the OEM and end customer in mind. XTSE contactors... (more)
Omron CJCOMM Series - PLC (9/9/2019)
Open to any communication The CJ-Series features standardized open networks interfaces and cost-efficient high-speed proprietary network links. Datalinks between PLCs or to... (more)
Panasonic GX-M Series - Cylindrical Inductive Sensor (8/23/2019)
2-Wire and 3-Wire DC Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors The GX-M series of cylindrical proximity sensors is a high-performance easy to use... (more)
Panasonic GX-N Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/23/2019)
Compact 3-wire cylindrical proximity sensor Compact size Bright output indicating light Increased tightening torque for high vibration applications The GX-N series of cylindrical... (more)
Panasonic BSF4-AH80 Flameproof Type Light Curtain (8/23/2019)
Flame Proof Light Curtain series. Has not been tested to meet USA requirement INSERTLIST:BSF4-AH80 Shop the Full Series (more)
Optex CVSE1-RA Series - Simple Color Area Sensor (8/14/2019)
All-in-one color area sensor with easy set-up Optex FA all-in-one color area sensor with streamlined set-up process Simple and... (more)
Optex F Series Pressure / Vacuum Sensors (9/5/2019)
Pressure transducers for a wide variety of applications and pressure ranges Resources Brochure INSERTLIST:F Shop the full series (more)
Line Card (1/20/2021)
Download Iowa/Nebraska Line Card Download National Line Card featured vendors (more)
Optex UC1-CL11 CC Link Communication Modules (9/5/2019)
Seamless communication for Mitsubishi CC Link This CC link Communication module provides seamless communications between Mitsubishi CC Link and Optex D3RF Fiber Optic Amplifiers. Enables... (more)
Optex DM-18T RGB Color Sensor (9/6/2019)
Automatic RGB Color Sensing Increased Usability: Includes both color and mark detection mode Easy Set-up: Push-button teach with digital display along with fine... (more)
Turck Q130WD Inductive Proximity Sensor (8/26/2019)
New inductive proximity sensor improves reliability of high-speed can detection To improve metal can detection in food and beverage applications Turck announces its new... (more)
ABB PSRC Softstarters (8/29/2019)
The PSRC softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges which allows for design of compact starting equipment. The PSRC combined with a... (more)
Ramco Innovations Adds Nachi Robotics to Product Lineup (12/17/2019)
Nachi joins Omron Robotiq and Schunk in complete robot solutions lineup from Ramco West Des Moines IA: Automation solutions distributor Ramco Innovations announces the addition... (more)
Optex D2SA Amplifier Separate with Analog Output Option (9/5/2019)
Digital Amplifier with Modular Laser Optics Great for part Diameter Sorting: 30mm array Laser with Narrow Beam Edge Guiding of Transparent Film Simple Set-up... (more)
Optex YR-Q Transparent Object Detection Sensor (9/6/2019)
Transparent Object Detection with Flexible Mounting and Interfacing Options Excellent Transparent Detection with M18 Housing: Sensing distances up to 1 meter Provides 2 Outputs: Includes... (more)
Turck FEN20-4IOL with IO-Link (12/17/2019)
The FEN20-4IOL offers 4 IO-link channels and in addition to the device functioning like an IO-Link master each of the IO-Link... (more)
Optex BGS-DL Background Suppression Laser Sensor (8/28/2019)
High quality laser background suppression sensor with 4-turn clutched adjustment potentiometer for fine adjustment of threshold level. Variety of Sensing Distances: Available in 100mm... (more)
Optex J, J2, and J3 Photoelectric Sensor (1/23/2020)
Photoelectric sensor with high impact wet and vibration options available Wide lineup of sensors that are available in top sense or side sense configurations. Options... (more)
Inside Sales (2/19/2021)
JOB SUMMARY The Inside Sales team is responsible for processing customer quotes and orders disseminating information to various departments and arranging for the shipping of... (more)
Optex BGS-S Series Mini Background Suppression Sensor (9/6/2019)
Top of the line background suppression in small rugged housing Small Compact Size: Ability to mount in very tight spaces and still allow for very... (more)
Shop Omron Products By Series (2/3/2021)
Robots Any feeder Cobra ecobra Hornet LD Quattro Sysmac Delta TM Viper Servos 1S g g5 PLC CJCOMM CJPOS Safety f3sg os32c F3SG-SRA Counters... (more)
Optex CDA Controllers for CD22 and CDX Series (10/2/2019)
Independent controller for connection with two sensors featuring OLED display Two CD22 RS-485 laser sensors can be connected to one controller Two CDX Series... (more)
Panasonic HG-C Series - Small Laser Measurement Sensors (4/9/2020)
Reliable detection as good as 10 µm resolution in compact body With a compact size of just W20 x H44 x D25 mm the HG... (more)
Panasonic EX-L200 Series - Self-Contained Laser Sensor (12/18/2020)
World s smallest laser sensors with built-in amplifier for long range and precision detection The Panasonic EX-L200 series introduces the world s smallest... (more)
Panasonic FX-300 Series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors (8/28/2019)
Compact high performance digital fiber optic sensors designed for easy use Designed with ease of use in mind the Panasonic FX-300 Series of digital... (more)
EPC Absolute Encoders with EtherCAT (8/30/2019)
Absolute Encoders for harsh environments and diverse applications New Model A58HE and Model A58SE are EtherCAT-ready multi-turn absolute encoders from EPC. They are... (more)
Optex CD22 Series - Laser Measurement Sensors (4/9/2020)
High accuracy high resolution laser measurement sensors Optex FA CD22 Series of miniature high accuracy CMOS displacement laser measurement sensors with digital displays provide excellent... (more)
Banner K30 Series - Illuminated Touch Buttons (9/3/2019)
General purpose illuminated touch buttons with pick-to-light option 30mm General Purpose Pick-to-Light Touch Buttons A smaller version of the K50 Touch... (more)
Banner DXM100 Industrial Wireless Controller (9/26/2019)
Industrial wireless controller to facilitate ethernet connectivity and IIOT applications The DXM100 is available with an internal DX80 Gateway or a MultiHop Data Radio. This... (more)
Panasonic SF4B Series V2 - Safety Light Curtain, Type 4 (2/7/2020)
Rugged compact safety light curtains with improved environmental resistance The Panasonic SF4B Series Version 2 brings their safety light curtains to the next level with... (more)
HMS Anybus Communicator Series (8/30/2019)
Simplify network infrastructure and solve connectivity problems with Anybus Communicator Nearly all machines and devices in operation today have a serial or CAN based RS... (more)
Optex SA Series - Cylindrical Thermometers (9/10/2019)
Self-contained cylindrical non- contact IR thermometers with 4-20ma current output Excellent environmental resistance The IP-67 compatible waterproof function prevents dust and water... (more)
Panasonic EQ-30 Series Reflective Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
2 Meter Distance Long Range Background Suppression The EQ-30 series of adjustable range reflective photoelectric sensors provide a long-range back ground suppression solution... (more)
Banner IP69K EZ-Screen LS Hygienic Enclosure (9/3/2019)
Intuitive rugged light curtain for diverse applications The new Banner IP69K EZ-Screen LS light curtain enclosure combines the intuitive easy-to-use LS light... (more)
Banner Wireless Solutions Kit for Monitoring Vibrations (9/4/2019)
Wireless solutions kits simplify monitoring of rotating equipment Banner s new Wireless Solutions Kit for vibration monitoring is a fully integrated and easy-to-use... (more)
Pfannenberg PFH-T Series Compact Fan Heater (8/30/2019)
Maintain precise temperatures with compact fan heater The PFH-T Series of Compact Fan Heaters with Thermostat feature Pfanneberg s new touch-safe design. Ideal... (more)
Panasonic US-N300 Thrubeam Ultrasonic Sensors (2/5/2020)
Thrubeam ultrasonic sensor for dirty/dusty sensing environments The US-N300 is a thrubeam ultrasonic sensor that is suitable for the detection of transparent objects... (more)
Robotic Product Offering (9/9/2020)
Parallel Robots Parallel robots excel at high-speed applications in packaging manufacturing assembly and material handling. Quattro The Quattro is the only parallel robot in... (more)
Semicon Solutions from Panasonic (8/9/2019)
Looking for semicon solutions? Semicon manufacturing requires precision solutions and Panasonic has products that will improve that process. Check out some selected possible applications of... (more)
Banner Wireless K50U Ultrasonic Sensor (9/4/2019)
Reliable ultrasonic sensor optimized for use with wireless node The K50U Ultrasonic Sensor Features Plug-and-Play Compatibility for Wireless Tank Level Monitoring. Optimized for... (more)
Panasonic NPS Multi-Functional Slim Sensor Controller (2/6/2020)
Sensor controller provides power with simple logic and timer functions Provides power to up to sensors Timer options And/or logic functions The NPS series... (more)
Panasonic ER-VS02 Ultra Compact Static Ionizers (8/23/2019)
Compact spot type ionizer with and array of available nozzles The ER-VS02 series of ultra-compact high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal... (more)
Omron E5CSV Series - Temperature Control (9/9/2019)
The easy way to perfect temperature control The Omron E5CSV series is a multi-range 1/16 DIN controller with an alarm function that offers... (more)
Panasonic EF-S1 Series Electrostatic Sensors (8/23/2019)
In-line electrostatic sensors The EF-S1 series of electrostatic sensors in-line capable allowing you to monitor static levels and respond to it immediately... (more)
Panasonic GP-A High Accuracy Eddy Current Sensors (4/9/2020)
High accuracy high resolution current sensors Provides accurate measurement of ferrous metal targets with a resolution of up to .4 microns for the GPA-5S... (more)
Panasonic NA1-11 Small Object Detection Area Sensors (8/23/2019)
Cross-Beam Detection for Sensing Small and Slim Objects Unique cross beam scanning design Ultra-slim design Clearly visible indicator Resources Brochure Manual cad files... (more)
Panasonic NA2-N Series - General Purpose Area Sensors (8/23/2019)
General Purpose and Slim Body Area Sensors The NA2-N series of area sensors provides a general-purpose detection solution with a wide range of... (more)
Panasonic HG-T Series - Digital Displacement Sensor (4/9/2020)
Ulltra-slim thru-beam type digital displacement sensor with best-in-class accuracy Panasonic introduces the brand new HG-T Series of thru-beam type... (more)
Banner S22 Pro Series Touch Buttons and Indicators (9/4/2019)
S22 Pro Series now compatible with Pro Editor software for custom indication S22 Pro Series touch buttons and indicators can now be programmed with a... (more)
ABB FSO-12/21 Safety Function Module (8/29/2019)
Smart safety solution in your ACS880 industrial and machinery drive As the level of automation in factories continues to grow so does the importance of... (more)
Panasonic EX-30 Series - Mini Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
Threaded miniature photoelectric sensor for easy installation The EX-30 series of photoelectric sensors offers a fresh new alternative to traditional fiber optic sensors. Unparalleled... (more)
Omron S8VKC Series - Book Type Power Supply (9/9/2019)
A cost-effective book type power supply high-quality power supply applications The S8VKC series of book type power supply are an ideal choice for... (more)
Omron S8VKS Series - Switch mode power supply (9/9/2019)
The S8VKS series power suppliers are a perfect fit for small control panels and a durable option for a variety of applications. Operation possible at... (more)
Optex C-R M18 Long Range Metal Photoelectric Sensor (12/4/2019)
Long range photoelectric sensor with water and vibration resistance M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensor with long-distance detection very strong resistance to vibration and water with... (more)
Panasonic DP2 Series - Pressure Sensor (Discontinued) (10/24/2019)
LED display digital pressure sensor The DP2 series of pressure/vacuum sensors offers a high-resolution high-speed and high-accuracy solution for all of... (more)
Panasonic FX-400 Series Digital Fiber Optic Sensors (8/23/2019)
High power user-friendly digital fiber optic sensors The FX-400 series of high power digital fiber sensors is a simple easy to use sensor... (more)
Panasonic FZ-10 Color Detection Fiber Sensors (8/23/2019)
Reliable easy-to-use color detection sensor With the Panasonic FZ-10 series you ll get reliable and precise color discrimination that s easy to... (more)
Panasonic LS-500 Series - Laser Sensors (8/23/2019)
Laser sensor with compact sensor heads and an available 4-20 ma output The LS-500 series is a high speed Class 1 laser sensor... (more)
Ross Hydraulic Safety Valves (8/30/2019)
Block & Bleed Valve Systems HBB Series The HBB Series valves are redundant 3/2 valve systems designed to meet the needs and requirements of safe... (more)
FD-V20S 7-axis Robot (12/9/2019)
The FDV20S 7 axis robot offers our largest payload of it s type and is well-suited for arc welding air plasma cutting and material... (more)
FD-V25 Arc-Welding Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDV25 6-axis robot is designed for arc welding cutting and material-handling applications that require a larger payload. Built-in application signal cable... (more)
FD-V8 6-Axis Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDV8 6 axis robot is suitable for Arc and TIG welding air plasma cutting and material handling applications. Each FDV8 comes with a robot... (more)
FD-B6 Through-Arm, Arc-Welding Robot (12/6/2019)
Our FDB6 arc-welding robot utilizes a streamlined through-arm coaxial cable which gives you maximum mobility in tight work spaces. This compact design makes... (more)
Optex CD5 Linear Image CMOS Displacement Sensor (4/9/2020)
Laser measurement sensor with CMOS displacement The CD5 Series linear image CMOS displacement laser features high resolution and stable performance regardless of sensing material. Ten... (more)
Nachi MZ Series Robot for Handling (6/10/2020)
World s fastest lightweight compact robot Solving your automation needs for assembly loading and other jobs with a lineup of high performance and highly functional... (more)
Banner Low Profile Limited Function Series (10/21/2019)
Type 4 Safety Light Curtains Banner s new EZ-SCREEN LP Limited Function Safety Light Screens were developed specifically to solve simple applications requiring only... (more)
Omron E3X-NA Series - Digital Fiber Amplifier (9/9/2019)
Digital fiber amplifier with bar graph display The E3X-NA series of digital fiber amplifier is ideal for standard fiber applications providing quick and easy... (more)
Omron H7CN Series - Digital Counter (9/9/2019)
Digital counter with four-digit LED display - 1/16 DIN size Simple to set and operate Easy-to-read 8 mm-high LED display Contact... (more)
Optex KR-Q Stainless Steel Transparent Object Detection (9/5/2019)
Transparent Object Detection Sensor with Stainless Steel Housing Durable Construction: Stainless steel housing helps protect the sensor against mechanical damage Excellent Electrical Noise Immunity: Construction... (more)
Panasonic FX-11A Series Slim Analog Fiber Optic Sensors (8/23/2019)
Analog fiber optic sensors with slim unit for basic applications The FX-11A is an analog fiber optic sensor that is perfect for applications that... (more)
Panasonic SC Sensor PLC Connection System (2/5/2020)
Communication Units for Various Sensors Up to 16 I/O can be connected at once using MIL connectors Communication units designed for Fiber sensors Laser... (more)
Services (1/16/2020)
Application Engineering Whether you are looking for help expanding your production facility or reconfiguring an existing process our team of application engineers are here to... (more)
Banner PGIR Wide Area Plastic Fiber Array (10/21/2019)
New wide area plastic fiber arrays featuring tight beam spacing Banner s newest fiber arrays have very tightly spaced beams and uniform light intensity enabling... (more)
Panasonic GL Series Compact Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/23/2019)
Compact inductive proximity sensor for long range sensing High performance sensing at a low price. The GL-18H is a rectangular-shaped top sensing inductive... (more)
Nachi SRA-H Series Robot for Welding with Built-in Cables (12/12/2019)
Spot welding robot with built in cables Welding robots are the central element of automobile production especially in auto body welding lines. The performance functionality... (more)
Banner Basic Performance Node: Wireless Series (9/3/2019)
Add wireless communication to devices at a reduced cost with basic performance nodes The popular Performance Series of wireless Nodes adds two new cost-effective... (more)
Banner LM80 Series - Precision Measurement Sensor (9/4/2019)
LM80 sensor for even more precise applications The LM Series of precision measurement sensors is now available in an even more precise model that features... (more)
Exlar GTX Series Integrated Motor Actuator (12/3/2019)
High Performance and Power Long Life in a Compact Package The second of three planned frame sizes the GTX100 is now available. The all-new... (more)
Omron G Series - Servomotors (9/9/2019)
Compact in size. Big in features. The G series of servomotors are available in a wide variety of options to meet all applications. The servomotors... (more)
Optex CVS3-RA Edge and Contour Detection Sensor (9/5/2019)
All-in-one contour and edge color sensor Includes camera light source and teaching pendent in one compact device Designed for edge detection of labels... (more)
Panasonic EX-10S Series - NEW Ultra-Slim Photo Sensors (8/28/2019)
Ultra-small narrow beam photoelectric sensors ideal for small object detection in embedded spaces Introducing the NEW Panasonic EX-10S Series photoelectric sensors. Featuring an... (more)
Optex MVS Multi Camera Inspection System (9/5/2019)
Multi camera vision sensor Pattern matching camera unit can detect color and shape of target object Measurement camera unit can measure distance between edges of... (more)
Banner SC10 Hybrid Safety Controller (4/24/2020)
Compact Safety Controller / Relay Hybrid Cost-effective easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines replaces the functionality of two or more safety relay modules... (more)
Omron E2EW Proximity Sensors (4/24/2020)
OMRON E2EW proxes are new welding proximity sensors E2EW Exceptional sensing range .Stable detection in lines containing both aluminum and iron Full metal body Less... (more)
Banner Condition Monitoring CM Node (9/4/2019)
Detect changes in machine performance to improve efficiency Knowing the health of your machines in real time is critical to avoiding costly unplanned downtime. However... (more)
Omron G6D-F4PU and G3DZ-F4PU Terminal Relays (8/26/2019)
Scalable G6D-F4PU/G3DZ-F4PU solution helps reduce panel size and installation time The G6D-F4PU and G3DZ-F4PU relay and sockets are the latest... (more)
Grace Engineered GracePort (10/31/2019)
Fully customizable communication ports GracePorts are communication ports that allow workers to access control panels easily through closed doors which eliminates the risk of contamination... (more)
Omron NJ5 Series - Sysmac Machine Automation Controller (9/9/2019)
Flexibility reliability and robustness from flagship Sysmac series controllers The Omron NJ5 series is the flagship of Omron s Sysmac NJ series of Machine Automation... (more)
Optex C2-S M18 Right Angle Barrel Type Sensor (9/5/2019)
The C2-S series from Optex is a right angle M18 barrel sensor and a great choice for cost effective general purpose sensing solutions. Each... (more)
Optex K Stainless Steel Photoelectric Sensor (11/6/2019)
Photoelectric sensor with stainless steel housing Stainless steel housing helps protect the sensor against mechanical damage Excellent electrical noise immunity Built in mounting nuts reduces... (more)
Search Panasonic Products By Series (2/12/2021)
SENSING AND AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS Ramco Innovations is one of the largest solutions providers of Panasonic/SUNX Factory Automation products in North America. On (more)
About (9/17/2019)
WHY RAMCO? OUR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE The Ramco team has an average tenure of more than 11 years which means you receive a customer... (more)
Optex ZL Series - Laser Sensor (11/27/2019)
Compact laser sensors with versatility and high speed Small bright beam 1mm bright laser beam spot can be seen easily even in bright environments High... (more)
Nachi Robot Controllers (12/16/2019)
Introducing the intelligent robot controller based on Windows CFD Controller Compact & High Performance Nachi CFD Controller Smallest controller in class (369mm W x 490mm D... (more)
Optex Z3 Series - Photoelectric Sensors (8/13/2019)
High power LED photoelectric sensor series High power LED Provides stable detection and better excess gain Four element LED Helps reduce degradation over time Bright... (more)
Optex DR-Q Series - Transparent Object Laser Sensor (8/13/2019)
Ultimate transparent object detection solution with excellent sensitivity Quick and simple set-up Digital display push-button and remote input teach with fine adjustment Excellent... (more)
Omron E3AS Series Photoelectric Sensor (12/19/2019)
E3AS-F Time of Flight Sensing for Any Object Omron s Time of Flight (TOF) photoelectric sensor enables indiscriminate detection of a wide variety of... (more)
Omron Microscan Hawk MV-4000 Series (8/12/2019)
Awe-inspiring power and superior flexibility in the HAWK MV-4000 This smart camera builds upon the previous generation by quadrupling processing power and achieving... (more)
Shop Turck Products By Series (12/23/2019)
BLCEN Compact Block IO-Link Shop Now FEN20-4IOL with IO-Link Shop Now TBIP & TBPN Safety Modules Shop Now IM12-CCM Cabinet Shop Now... (more)
Banner TL30 Series - 30 mm LED Tower Light Indicator (7/12/2019)
Compact multi-segment LED tower light for guidance and indication for small machines Compact 30 mm tower light indicators provide easy-to-see operator guidance... (more)
Optex BGS-DLT Series - Suppression Sensors (8/13/2019)
Highly functional user friendly background or foreground suppression sensors User friendly Push button teach CMOS linear image background suppression laser sensor High functionality Highly visible... (more)
Optex CD33 Series - Laser Measurement Sensor Series (4/9/2020)
Large line-up of compact high accuracy laser measurement sensors Large sensor line-up Includes both short distance narrow beam sensors as well as longer... (more)
Banner WL50S - Sealed LED Spotlight for Task Lighting (9/4/2019)
Highly concentrated sealed LED spotlight with color and angle options The Banner WL50S Series of Sealed LED Spotlight for Task Lighting provides a very bright... (more)
Omron FHV7 Series - Smart Camera (10/15/2020)
New FH AI-based defect detection exceeds the ability of expert inspectors Artificial intelligence has reached the stage where it can recognize object features as... (more)
Shop ABB Products by Series (1/7/2020)
Drives ACS380 Machinery Drive Shop Now ACS580-07 Cabinet Built Drives Shop Now ACS580 Variable Frequency Drives Shop Now ACS880 Machinery Drives Shop Now DCS880... (more)
Omron A2W Wireless Pushbutton Series (8/12/2019)
Innovation created by a switch that connects people and machines wirelessly The Omron A2W Wireless Pushbutton Series system features a push button and receiver wired... (more)
Unitronics Integrated Solutions for Automation (5/27/2020)
Unitronics Product List f PLCs Motion Control AC Servo: Drives and Motors New Motion Control Solution: Easy to Set Up Painless to Program Full Range... (more)
Omron Microscan Series - Barcode/Machine Vision Systems (8/12/2019)
Versatile complex machine vision systems Omron Microscan helps manufacturers drive down cost automate critical manufacturing processes and increase yields through data acquisition and control solutions... (more)
Omron TM Collaborative Robot (9/20/2019)
Human and machine in perfect harmony Designed to work with both humans and machines this robot is the latest in a long line of innovations... (more)
Banner K30 Series - Illuminated Push Buttons (9/3/2019)
General purpose illuminated push buttons with pick-to-light option 30mm General Purpose Illuminated Pick-to-Light Push Buttons The K30 is a rugged miniaturized... (more)
Panasonic DP-100 Series - Pressure Sensors (8/28/2019)
Low cost all-in-one pressure/vacuum sensor with high resolution The new and improved second version of the DP-100 series of high resolution... (more)
Banner K30 Series - 30mm General Purpose LED Indicator (9/3/2019)
Rugged cost-effective general purpose illuminated indicators DC-operated general-purpose indicators intended for panel mounting in 22.5 mm holes Rugged cost-effective and... (more)
Banner WLB32 Series - Adjustable LED Workstation Light (9/4/2019)
Energy efficient shatter proof LED workstation lights with even output Banner s WLB32 Series is a bright LED fixture that features an even light output... (more)
Banner WLS28-2 Series - All-Purpose LED Strip Light (9/4/2019)
Compact efficient LED strip light for versatile applications with multi-color options Even bright highly efficient LED illumination for industrial control cabinets and work cells... (more)
Panasonic EX-Z Series - Ultra-Thin Photoelectric Sensor (2/12/2020)
3mm photoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier for narrow installation As the world leader in compactness among photoelectric sensors the EX-Z series boasts a... (more)
Banner WLA Series - Area Light for Industrial Areas (9/4/2019)
High power durable LED area light for industrial work cells Developed for lighting industrial work cells including areas with exposure to liquids such as food... (more)
ABB AF Contactors with Optimal Configuration (8/28/2019)
Secure uptime and optimize stocks with AF Contactors latest technology up to 2560 A Featuring AF technology as standard AF contactors establish a new industry... (more)
Banner HLS27 Series - Strip Light for Harsh Locations (9/3/2019)
Bright LED strip light for hazardous locations with two color options Banner s HLS27 LED strip light for hazardous locations has a sturdy aluminum housing... (more)
Banner WLB92 Series - Large Ultra-Bright LED Work Light (9/4/2019)
Durable long-life LED work light with easy installation options Banner s WLB92 Series features an ultra-bright LED fixture with an even light output... (more)
Omron NX1P Machine Automation Controller (8/13/2019)
Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IOT in a Sysmac entry model Advanced Motion Control The built-in Ethercat port and advanced motion control... (more)
HMS eWON Flexy Industrial Router & Data Gateway (8/30/2019)
Universal communication took for flexible remote device linkage The eWON Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for OEMs and... (more)
Optex CDX Series - Laser Displacement Sensors (7/20/2020)
Network capable ultra high accuracy laser displacement sensors Industry first Direct Ethernet network connectable with built-in web server World s best linearity /-0.015... (more)
Panasonic FP0H Series Programmable Controller (5/21/2020)
Ultra-compact PLC Built-in dual Ethernet ports Multiple interfaces that connect with various devices Basic Performance High-speed operation processing 8x faster than conventional... (more)
Banner TL70 Series - Modular LED Tower Light Segments (9/4/2019)
Highly customizable LED segments with multi-color option and adjustable audible modules Segments for the TL70 Tower Light are available in a wide variety of... (more)
Optex V2RF Manual Adjust Fiber Optic Amplifier (9/6/2019)
Cost effective fiber optic amplifier for precise sensitivity applications The V2RF series is a cost effective fiber optic amplifier featuring an IP66 rating allowing you... (more)
Omron F3SG Safety Light Curtain: Advance Type (8/13/2019)
Compact and intelligent general purpose controllers The F3SG the next generation safety light curtain packed with powerful features offering both robustness and reliability. Robust and... (more)
Optex TOF-DL - Time of Flight Measurement Series (4/9/2020)
World s smallest time of flight laser sensors with analog output This ultra-compact distance laser sensor is capable of measuring at distances up to... (more)
Optex PT Portable Hand Held Thermometers (8/28/2019)
Portable non-contact thermometer in small size Optex PT-2LD PT-3S PT-5LD PT-7LD PT-S80 and PT-U80 Series Handheld Portable Non... (more)
Ramco Innovations Cordsets and Connectors (9/4/2019)
3 and 4 pin cordsets and connectors Ramco Innovations can quickly customize any sensor to your specification by adding a M8 or M12 connector to... (more)
Turck IM12-CCM Cabinet Condition Monitor (9/4/2019)
Cabinet Condition Monitor with internal data logger and IO-Link interface Features The IM12-CCM features an internal data logger with time stamp and stores... (more)
ABB AFS Contactor for Safety Applications (8/28/2019)
Help make your system safer Designed for machine safety applications AFS contactor comes with fixed front contact blocks (mechanically linked and mirror contacts) making them... (more)
Omron MX-Z Laser Marker System (10/22/2019)
Laser marker engraves a wide range of materials and shapes in practically any industry This high-performance laser marker is part of a turnkey solution... (more)
Panasonic EX-F60/F70 Series - Leak Detection Sensors (8/28/2019)
Unique reliable leak detection sensors with built-in amplifier The EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of... (more)
Panasonic SF4C Series - Ultra Slim Light Curtains (8/28/2019)
Ultra-slim safety light curtains built for high end performance and efficiency The Panasonic SF4C Series Type 4 light curtain combines high end performance with... (more)
Grace Engineered SafeSide Flex-Mount Voltage Indicator (8/30/2019)
Easy installation; safer verification Why use a voltage indicator? After disconnecting power to an enclosure electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while the enclosure door... (more)
Q45 Series All-In-One Kits for Predictive Maintenance (9/26/2019)
One-Piece Wireless Nodes and Sensors Q45 Series all-in-one kits combine a wireless node sensor and battery power supply in one easy-to... (more)
Omron Microscan MicroHAWK ID (8/12/2019)
The world s smallest most intuitive industrial barcode reading platform The MicroHAWK family of barcode readers offers the most versatile decoding power available. Built on... (more)
Panasonic CA2 Ultra Compact Digital Panel Controllers (2/6/2020)
Accepts one analog input and provides a display reading that is scalable Hyper mode-increased sensing distance Ultra high speed response Precision accuracy The CA2... (more)
Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors (12/18/2019)
Long-distance detection prevents unexpected facility stoppages New E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors reduce unexpected facility stoppages due to false detection failures and damage caused by... (more)
Panasonic PM-25, PM-45, PM-65 Series - U-Shaped Sensors (8/28/2019)
Best-in-class u-shaped micro photoelectric sensors The Panasonic PM-25 PM-45 and PM-65 Series are completely rebuilt for better performance and... (more)
Automotive Solutions from Panasonic (8/9/2019)
Looking for automotive solutions? Looking for automotive automation solutions? Below are some selected examples of Panasonic has products engineered for automotive assembly. Don t see... (more)
Panasonic ER-TF Series Wide Area Ionizers (1/22/2020)
Wide area fan type ionizer for bench top and hand assembly applications. Flexible mounting options Built-in fan unit for self contained installation Easy maintenance... (more)
Panasonic CX-400 Series - Compact Photoelectric Sensors (11/26/2019)
Complete 116 model line-up for precision and performance Find a photoelectric sensor for any application in the Panasonic CX-400 series featuring 116 models... (more)
Panasonic FX-551 Series - Fiber Optic Sensor (8/23/2019)
Easy to use fiber optic sensor with improved stability The new Panasonic FX-551 digital fiber sensor series significantly improves stability and operation ease. 3X... (more)
Panasonic FP7 Series Programmable Controller (1/13/2020)
Compatible with industrial network Ethernet protocol The FP7 supports EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT and provides an integrated system through the control of sensors and servo... (more)
Ramco Innovations RCM Series Converters (9/4/2019)
Modules for converting digital output signals of sensors Operates at 10 to 30 VDC supply voltage DIN rail mount housing: 62mm H x 23mm W... (more)
Omron S8FS-G Power Supply: Built-In Transformer (8/13/2019)
Superior performance and reliability and a wide range of standards allow broad usability Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 70ºC. Built-in transformer eliminates... (more)
Panasonic GA-311 Series - Amp Separate Proximity Sensor (1/16/2020)
High-performance proximity sensor with full feature range High performance 3.3 kHz response frequency Sensitivity adjustment for high precision Amplifiers can be connected to... (more)
Omron E3JM Series - Multi-voltage Photoelectric Sensors (9/9/2019)
Multi-voltage photoelectric sensor in plastic housing with timer function The E3JM series features an enhanced sensing distance and a convenient timer function in a... (more)
Omron H7BX Series - Multifunction Counter (9/9/2019)
Multifunction counter with 72 x 72mm DIN The H7BX series of multifunction counters feature an excellent backlit LCD display view which can be configurred to... (more)
Optex BS Thermo-Hunter Thermal Sensors (9/6/2019)
Need to monitor temperature in your manufacturing process? The BS series thermal sensors is the solution Sensor/amplifier separate type for flexible mounting The BS... (more)
Panasonic EX-40 Series Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
Convergent Reflective Sensor for Reliable Object Detection in a Limited Area Reliable object detection in limited area. Due to convergent distance sensing the color or... (more)
Panasonic EZ-10 Series Water Level Detection Sensors (2/11/2020)
Detects water level within a transparent or translucent container Total reliability Unique optics get absorbed by water molecules The EZ-10 series is a reliable... (more)
Panasonic LX-100 Series - RGB Color Mark Sensors (2/5/2020)
Digital RGB color mark sensors with built-in amplifier The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red Green and... (more)
ABB ACS380 Series - Machinery Drive (8/29/2019)
Building a persistently predictable machine is as easy as using it The preconfigured ABB ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants ensuring seamless integration into... (more)
Panasonic HL-T1 Ultrasmall Laser Thrubeam Sensors (4/9/2020)
High functionality laser array with 4 micron resolution The HL-T1 series of laser collimated beam sensors combines extremely compact sensor heads with a high... (more)
Banner VS8 Miniature Sensors (9/4/2019)
Miniature sensor for precise detection Miniature sensor for installation in the smallest of spaces Red laser models provide bright precise laser light spot for optimum... (more)
Optex D1RF Series - Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier (8/13/2019)
Digital fiber optic amplifier series with IP66 rating The D1RF series is a flexible digitial fiber optic amplifier featuring an IP66 rating allowing you to... (more)
Optex UQ1 Laser Sensor Controller Card (9/5/2019)
Optex UQ1 Laser Sensor Controller Card for Mitsubishi Q Series PLC The UQ1 series PLC cards allow for automatic communications between the CD5/CD33 series... (more)
Panasonic NX5 Series Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
AC/DC drive photoelectric sensors with 1 form C relay contact The NX5 series of photoelectric sensors offers a free ranging voltage input along with... (more)
Omron CJPOS - Motion Control PLC (9/9/2019)
Add motion control to any CJ-Series PLC From basic position measurement to multi-axis synchronized motion control the CJ-Series offers a full range... (more)
Panasonic GXL Series Square Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/23/2019)
High performance inductive proximity sensor in a compact size 2 wire inductive proximity sensors in plastic rectangular housing Available in N.O. or N.C... (more)
Panasonic LS-400 Series - High Precision Laser Sensors (2/13/2020)
High precision amplifier separate laser sensor with dual digital display The LS series of laser sensors provides stable sensing for all of your high-precision... (more)
Omron Quattro Parallel Robot (10/18/2019)
The Omron Adept Quattro robot is the only parallel robot in the world with patented features and USDA-accepted for meat and poultry processing. The... (more)
Panasonic EX-F1 Pipe-Mountable Liquid Level Sensor (8/23/2019)
Liquid level detection sensor with self contained integrated amplifier The EX-F1 is a liquid level sensor with an integrated amplifier thus there is no... (more)
Panasonic NA40 Series - Beam Pitch Area Sensors (2/4/2020)
Simple cost-effective setup for wide area detection applications A robust yet slim aluminum enclosure allows for easy placement on you machine and its built... (more)
Panasonic SF4B-C Series Compact Light Curtains (8/23/2019)
Compact light curtains with advanced functionality and durable body The SF4B-C Series is designed to fit onto an aluminum frame maximizing the machinery opening... (more)
ABB E 90 Series - Fuse Holders (8/28/2019)
Uncompromising performance E 90 Series Fuse holders can be used in any applications where you need to ensure electrical protection isolation and switching under load... (more)
Banner SLC4 Series Safety Light Curtains (9/4/2019)
Compact low-profile type 4 safety light curtains for simple applications The SLC4 is the latest addition to Banner s line of compact low-profile... (more)
Omron ZX2 Laser Displacement Sensor CMOS Type (9/6/2019)
Stable easy & affordable laser measurement sensor High accuracy and measurement stability at an affordable price. The new ZX2 laser sensor offers best in class performance... (more)
FD-B6L Through-Arm, Long Reach, Arc-Welding Robot (12/6/2019)
The FD-B6L 6-axis robot manipulator features an extended reach with a through-arm delivering maximum mobility in tight work spaces. The FD-B6L... (more)
FD-V130 6-Axis Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDV130 6 axis robot is designed for material handling and other applications that require a larger payload and reach. Built-in application cabling utilities... (more)
FD-V6LS 7-axis Long Reach Robot (12/9/2019)
The FDV6LS 7 axis welding robot extends the reach of our V6S robot model while incorporating the same through arm design for tight welding requirements... (more)
Panasonic GP-X High Accuracy Eddy Current Sensors (4/9/2020)
High-accuracy eddy current sensors for high precision processes High-speed high-accuracy eddy current type digital displacement sensors. Choice of 6 different sensing heads... (more)
Banner Q130R Radar Sensor (9/4/2019)
Radar Sensor with Graphical User Interface for Precise Control and Visibility into Sensor Settings The Q130R radar sensor provides reliable detection of moving and stationary... (more)
ABB ACS880 Series - Machinery Drives (8/28/2019)
Adapts to the machine you designed and makes it run optimally When you need a performer that adapts precisely to your machine the ACS880 machinery... (more)
Omron Viper 6-Axis Robot (10/21/2019)
The speed and precision of Adept Viper six-axis robots make them ideal for operations requiring fast and precise automation. The Adept Viper six-axis... (more)
Omron NA Series - Programmable Terminal (2/3/2021)
NA Series enables faster more efficient control and monitoring. The Omron Sysmac HMI enables faster more efficient control and monitoring - and a more natural proactive... (more)
Panasonic GD Metal Sheet Double Feed Detectors (8/23/2019)
Detects when multiple sheets of metal are fed into a process instead of a single piece The GD series of metal sheet double feed detectors... (more)
Panasonic RX-LS200 Series Diffuse Sensors (8/23/2019)
Background Suppression Sensor with Robust Die-Cast Enclosure The RX-LS200 series of photoelectric sensors provides a background suppression solution for accurate detection of various... (more)
Panasonic SF4B-G Series - Robust Light Curtains (2/6/2020)
Robust IP67 Type 4 light curtain with 10 20 or 40mm beam pitch and universal 14 ms response time This addition to the Panasonic product... (more)
Schunk CO-act EGP-C Parallel Gripper (8/30/2019)
Electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24 V and digital I/O The CO-act EGP-C grippers are... (more)
Panasonic FP-X Series Programmable Controller (2/3/2020)
Highly expandable lineup of PLC USB port for easy connection to a PC Also compatible with Ethernet Features High-speed Operation The 32-bit RISC... (more)
Omron LD Series Mobile Robot (9/20/2019)
Self-navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) The Omron LD Mobile Robot is a self-navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) designed for dynamically moving material in... (more)
Omron S8VK-X Modbus TCP-Compatible Switch Power Supply (8/12/2019)
Integration of safety into machine automation enables simple flexible system configuration The S8VK-X is the next generation power supply that integrates Ethernet/IP and... (more)
HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge II with Ethernet (8/30/2019)
Wireless Bridge ideal for communication hazardous areas and hard-to-reach locations Anybus Wireless Bridge enables you to create an industrial wireless connection between two... (more)
Panasonic FX-100 Series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors (8/23/2019)
Ultra-slim low-cost fiber optic sensors for diverse applications The FX-100 s ultra-slim design features a 9mm width and integrated mounting holes... (more)
HMS Anybus Wireless Bolt - Ethernet (8/30/2019)
All-in-one solution for wireless machine configuration The HMS Anybus Wireless Bolt enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network... (more)
Panasonic FX-500 Series - Long Range Fiber Optic Sensor (8/23/2019)
High end high performance fiber optic sensors The FX-500 is a highly advanced digital fiber sensor with high end features and a class leading... (more)
Banner Q5X Background Suppression Laser Sensor (9/4/2019)
High-power mid-range sensor detects challenging targets at distances from 9.5cm to 2m The Q5X background suppression laser sensor extends Banner Engineering s... (more)
Panasonic S-Link V Flexible Wire-Saving System (8/23/2019)
New generation of wiring saving system S-Link V is the newest generation wire saving bus system from Panasonic/Sunx. As many as 512 I... (more)
Panasonic GS Amp Separate Inductive Proximity Sensors (8/23/2019)
Inductive proximity sensors with fine sensitivity adjustment The Panasonic (formerly Sunx) amplifier separate inductive proximity sensors feature a detection accuracy down to 2µm. Each sensor... (more)
Panasonic RX Series Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
Amplifier Built-In Photoelectric Sensors The Panasonic RX Robust photoelectric sensors feature a built-in amplifier and are made with a sturdy die-cast zinc... (more)
Banner XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller (9/4/2019)
Scalable safety made simple The XS26-2 is a cost-effective easy to use solution that is scalable to fit your specific machine safeguarding requirements... (more)
Panasonic SF-AC Series - Safety Relay Unit (8/23/2019)
Panasonic Safety Relay Unit for PNP output type light curtain Resources Brochure INSERTLIST:SF-AC Shop the Full Series (more)
Omron K3MA-L Series - Temperature Meter (9/9/2019)
Compact temperature meter with variable supply voltage and high quality display The Omron K3MA-L series of temperature meters feature a supply voltage of either... (more)
Omron NYP Industrial PC (8/13/2019)
Powerful. Tough. Future Proof. The Omron NYP Industrial PC was designed to be powerful reliable and scalable therefore making it ideally suited for visualization data... (more)
FD-B4LS 7-axis, Through Arm, Long Reach, Welding Robot (12/9/2019)
The FDB4LS 7-axis welding robot extends the reach of our B4S robot model while incorporating the same through-arm design for tight welding requirements... (more)
FD-H5 Compact Robot (12/6/2019)
The FDH5 compact 6 axis robot is a great fit for your restricted space welding cutting or material-handling application. This manipulator can easily be... (more)
Turck TBEN-PLC CODESYS 3 Compact IP67 PLC (9/4/2019)
TBEN-PLC Compact IP67 Controller with CODESYS 3 Turck has released its TBEN-PLC CODESYS 3 compact IP67 PLC for controlling small or modular machines... (more)
Omron F3SG-SRA Series Light Curtain (11/1/2019)
F3SG-SRA: Next generation light curtain advanced model The F3SG-SR series light curtain was developed to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of globalization and... (more)
Omron NX701 Series - Machine Automation Controller (9/9/2019)
High performance Sysmac CPU for demanding industrial control applications The Omron NX7 is the highest performance Sysmac CPU available. It s designed to address the... (more)
Optex CVS1-RA Color Sensor (9/5/2019)
Easy setup all-in-one color area sensor Includes camera light source and teaching pendent in one compact device Four types available including narrow view... (more)
Optex ZR-QX Coaxial Transparent Object Detection Sensor (12/13/2019)
Compact transparent object detection retroreflective sensor with coaxial optics Ideal for a variety of Transparent Materials: Suited for PET bottles film glass and plastic bottles... (more)
Optex CS Compact Amp Separate Thermal Sensor (8/14/2019)
High performance compact thermal sensor with separate amplifier High performance for harsh environments - IP69K Amplifier separate World s smallest sensor head for mounting in tight... (more)
Panasonic FV-FR Series - Vacuum-resistant Fiber Sensors (2/14/2020)
Easy installation vacuum-resistant fibers with one-touch connection system Panasonic introduces the brand new FV-FR Series of vacuum-resistant fibers featuring the one... (more)
Panasonic ER-X Series - Area Pulse Ionizers (8/23/2019)
Slim bar type ionizer for wide area coverage of in-line processes with or without a compressed air source With a space saving slim bar... (more)
Banner LM Series - Laser Measurement Sensor (9/4/2019)
Compact precision laser measurement sensor The LM offers best-in-class performance with superior stability reliability and precision for real-world targets. With the introduction... (more)
Banner PTL110 Series Pick-to-Light (10/29/2019)
Scalable versatile pick-to-light solution PTL110 pick-to-light devices are multifunctional indicators with optional touch button optical sensor and three-digit display connected... (more)
Omron 1S Servo with Simple Design for Easy Maintenance (8/12/2019)
Improved machine design. Increased machine productivity. Designed to meet the machine requirements the 1S Servo technology optimizes the full cycle through the machine design installation... (more)
Optex C2 M18 Barrel Type Photoelectric Sensor (9/6/2019)
Best in class cylindrical type sensor with custom ASIC With seven models available including background suppression the C2 series from Optex FA is great choice... (more)
Panasonic CY-100 Series - M18 Photoelectric Sensors (8/23/2019)
M18 Threaded Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors for Basic Applications The CY-100 series of photoelectric sensors has an M18 thread size for convenient mounting. Thru-beam... (more)
Panasonic DPH-100/DPC-100 Series - Pressure Sensors (8/23/2019)
Digital single-axis type amplifier separate pressure sensor for added flexibility Ultra fast response time Flexible sensor head lineup with many port options Sensor head... (more)
Nachi MC Heavy Loader Series (1/17/2020)
MC Heavy Loader Series With high wrist torque and large operating envelope the MC Series heavy loading robots are opening up a new era of... (more)
Optex OPPD Compact LED Lighting Controller (9/6/2019)
Extremely compact LED lighting controller 1000 step digital display pulse width modulation Versatile mounting panel or din style mount Synchronizing control input Resources Brochure INSERTLIST... (more)
Optex OPS-S LED Spot Light (9/5/2019)
Innovative Sensing Spot Lighting Five times the brightness of conventional products. Strobe lighting type for overdrive is 10 times brighter than conventional products High-brightness... (more)
Turck Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol Technology (9/4/2019)
New BEEP technology allows a network of devices to communicate as a single device Turck introduces BEEP the Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol. BEEP is a... (more)
Rramac EdgeScout Remote Monitoring Solution (8/30/2019)
Remote monitoring solution for industrial appplications EdgeScout is a turnkey remote monitoring solution hosted by RRAMAC Connected Systems. EdgeScout offers comprehensive industrial remote monitoring solutions... (more)
Banner S15L Series Inline Indicator (1/29/2021)
Bright Versatile In-Line Sensor Status Indicator The S15L Series is a 15mm Diameter two Color indicator light that can be connected to a power... (more)
Panasonic FX-311 Series Fiber Optic Sensors (8/23/2019)
High sensitivity fiber amplifier with manual adjustment Manual adjust (12 turn pot) fiber amplifier provides highly sensitive tuning that is very simple and precise. The... (more)
Panasonic FX2 Series - Fiber Optic Sensors (8/23/2019)
Fiber optic sensors with non-modulated pulse detection The FX2 series of fiber optic sensors provides a non-modulated light source with high speed response... (more)
Panasonic EQ-500 Series - Range Reflective Sensor (8/23/2019)
Adjustable range reflective with 2.5m long sensing range and background/foreground suppression The EQ-500 series of photoelectric sensors provides a long-range diffuse... (more)
Nachi SRA Series Robot for Welding (12/16/2019)
Ultra-fast spot welding robot SRA series robots and their FD controllers are ideally suited to spot welding applications. The SRA robots are highly rigid... (more)
Banner Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface (11/25/2019)
Multifunction Pendant Improves Communication for Increased Productivity and Efficiency Add two-way communication and operator guidance capabilities anywhere you need it using the Direct Select... (more)
Banner T30R Series Radar Sensor (2/8/2021)
Long Range sensor provides reliable detection and position feedback Reliable detection of both high-dielectric targets like metal or water and lower-dielectric materials like... (more)
Exlar TTX Series All-In-One Actuator (8/30/2019)
Industry-leading all-in-one TTX Actuator Built on the unique GTX Series platform the TTX Series actuators integrate a digital servo drive/controller brushless... (more)
Optex CVS4-R Compact OCR Sensor (9/5/2019)
All in one OCR Sensor Wide Range Lineup including small character long range and macro view Recognizes alphabetic numeric and special characters Designed to check... (more)
Optex V Series Multi-Voltage Photoelectric Sensor (11/27/2019)
Multi-voltage sensor with relay output Screw terminal connection for quick maintenance Very high excess gain for use in dusty and dirty environments Multi-Voltage... (more)
Banner iVu and iVu Color Image Sensors (9/3/2019)
The iVu and iVu Color Image Sensors are used to monitor parts for type size orientation shape location and color or color variations. The device... (more)
Omron NJ3 Series - Sysmac System Expansion (9/9/2019)
Sysmac platform expansion ideal for harsh enviornments The Omron NJ3 series expands the Sysmac NJ series Machine Automation Controller platform to 4 and 8 axes... (more)
Panasonic EX-10 Series - Mini Photoelectric Sensors (12/18/2019)
Ultra-small photoelectric sensors perfect for embedded applications The EX-10 series is one of the smallest sensors on the market today. The ultra small... (more)
Omron GI-SMD and GI-SID Terminals (9/9/2019)
Safety I/O terminals for CIP Safety The GI-SMD and GI-SID terminals offer support for CIP safety on EtherNet/IP and are easily... (more)
Optex D Laser Sensor with CMOS Suppression Sensing (8/4/2020)
High accuracy CMOS background/foreground sensor Partial Discontinuation notice. As of July 31st 2020 the DT-4000Thrubeam and DR-500 Retro-reflective sensors are obsolete... (more)
Ramco PS930/110V Sensor Power Supply and Relay Output (10/12/2020)
Self contained module provides 12 VDC @ 75mA to power a sensor and convert an NPN signal to a relay contact. Supply Voltage : 110 VAC 50... (more)
Linear Modules (1/8/2020)
Stroke Modules Stroke Module HLM Stroke module with optimized length with pneumatic drive and pre-loaded crossed roller bearings free from play Stroke from 0... (more)
Optex SR-Q Transparent Object Detection Sensor (11/27/2019)
Optex FA s most compact transparent detection sensor Compact Housing: Great for mounting in tight spaces Very reliable detection: Great for transparent plastics and glass... (more)
Optex Y Side and M18 Lens Mount Photoelectric Sensor (9/6/2019)
Photoelectric sensor with flexible mounting arrangement Looking for a sensor with flexible mounting arrangement? The Y Series has both an M18 lens mount along with... (more)
Optex V2 DC and Multi-Voltage Background Suppression (4/20/2020)
Large lens background suppression sensor for dirty environments The V2 Series features a large projecting and receiving lens ideal for foggy or dusty environments. AC... (more)
Omron NX Temp Input (9/9/2019)
Performance and practicality for machine control The Omron NX I/O system provides a wide variety of I/O devices. It features an ultra-fast... (more)
FD Series Arc Welding Robots (12/17/2019)
6-Axis Robots OTC arc welding robots are ideal for many welding and air plasma cutting applications. They can be used for mild steel stainless... (more)
Optex 2S Photoelectric Sensor (9/5/2019)
General purpose photoelectric sensor for circuit boards In addition to general purpose thrubeam retro diffuse sensors the 2S Series also includes background suppression models that... (more)
Optex BGS-Y Background Suppression Sensor (9/5/2019)
Highly accurate background suppression sensor with two outputs The BGS-Y Series provides stable background suppression detection with universal 18mm lens and side mount housing... (more)
Optex BGS-ZM Series - IP69K Wash-Down Sensor (9/9/2019)
Durable wash-down sensor for high pressure high temperature applications Extremely durable stainless steel housing with IP69K rating (DIN 40050-9) designed to withstand high... (more)
Optex ZM Series - IP69K Wash-Down Sensor (8/14/2019)
Durable wash-down sensor for high pressure high temperature applications Extremely durable stainless steel housing with IP69K rating (DIN 40050-9) designed to withstand high... (more)
Optex FA Sensor and Automation Store (2/23/2021)
Thousands of solutions in stock Ramco Innovations is the largest solutions provider of Optex FA products in North America. On you can filter... (more)
Optex BGS-Z Series - Background Suppression Sensor (9/6/2019)
High Performance Compact RED LED Background Suppression Sensor Bright Visible Beam Spot: High power beam LED can be seen easily even in bright environments Excellent... (more)
Electric Grippers (1/7/2020)
2-Finger Parallel Grippers Gripper for Small Components EGP Gripping force up to 215 N Four step adjustable gripping force Stroke per finger 3 mm... (more)
Ramco Events (8/27/2020)
Ramco Events Virtual Tech Tuesday Webinar Recording Tuesday August 25th 9:00 AM OTC DAIHEN Welding Quality Solutions CLICK TO REGISTER (more)
Optex Z3R-Q Transparent Object Detection Sensor (9/5/2019)
Compact transparent object detection retroreflective sensor with up to 2 meter sensing distance High Power LED: Provides stable detection Four Element LED: Helps reduce degradation... (more)
Shop Banner Products By Series (2/3/2021)
Photoelectric Sensors Q26 q5x t18-2 vs8 LM lm80 q4x qcm50 Safety Scanners and Controllers sx5 xs26-2 Safety Light Curtains LS slc4 PGIR EZLP... (more)
Search Optex Products By Series (4/13/2021)
Sensing Solutions Ramco Innovations is the largest solutions provider of Optex FA products in North America. On you can filter products by attribute... (more)
Omron Sysmac Starter Kits (8/12/2019)
Bundle the components of your Sysmac platform Selecting the Sysmac Solution couldn t be easier. With the Sysmac Starter kits get everything you need to... (more)
Banner WLS15 Series - Low Profile Strip Light (9/4/2019)
Low profile low power LED strip light with rugged construction Banner s WLS15 Series offers a low-profile strip ligth with a sleek design used... (more)
Panasonic EX-20 Series - Miniature Photoelectric Sensor (8/28/2019)
All-purpose ultra-small photoelectric sensor featuring integrated sensitivity adjuster At the pinnacle of sensor miniaturization the Panasonic EX-20 Series achieves one of the... (more)
Banner WL50-2 Series - Low Power LED Work Light (9/4/2019)
Low power LED work light for even light distribution over large areas Designed for enclosure or area lighting to illuminate a large area with an... (more)
Optex D3RF Series - Dual Digital Fiber Optic Amplifier (11/27/2019)
Powerful high speed multi-function digital fiber amplifier Powerful LED light source for increased sensing distances Fast response time As fast as 16 microseconds Adjustable... (more)
Banner TL70 Series - Modular LED Tower Light Indicator (9/4/2019)
Bigger brighter tower light indicator with flexible customization The Banner TL70 Series of 70 mm modular LED Tower Light Indicators are bigger and brighter with... (more)
Banner WLC60 Series - Heavy Duty LED Strip Light (9/4/2019)
Rugged heavy-duty LED strip lights for harsh environments Banner s WLC60 Series is designed to operate in harsh environments and can withstand high pressure... (more)
Banner Q45 Series Wireless Products (9/4/2019)
Diverse wireless series of sensors nodes and buttons with LED local display status New to the Sure Cross Q45 Series of wireless sensors serial nodes... (more)
Banner WLC90 Series - Rugged Work Lights for High Temps (9/4/2019)
Rugged heavy-duty LED work lights for high temps Banner s WLC90 Series is designed to operate in harsh environments and can withstand high pressure... (more)
Banner WLH60 Series - High Temperature LED Light (9/4/2019)
Heavy-duty LED light fixture for high-temperature environments Banner s WLH60 Series is a heavy-duty LED light fixture offering best-in-class brightness... (more)
Omron NX Safety CPU Controller (8/13/2019)
Powerful robust Stand Alone Safety System The NX Safety Controller is a powerful and robust Stand Alone Safety System that reaches the PLe according to... (more)
Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner (8/12/2019)
Compact lightweight and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner Operating state can be determined at a glance Eight sector indicators show the direction of intrusion... (more)
Omron NX1 Series Machine Automation Controller (8/12/2019)
Faster production without having to compromise on quality The NX1 can utilize information take safety measures and control quality while at the same time improving... (more)
Omron E5-D Temperature Controller (8/13/2019)
New functionalities enable more precise PID control In the new E5_D series we expanded the capabilities of the E5_C series temperature controllers with specialized adaptive... (more)
Banner Connected Data Solutions Software (9/3/2019)
Enabling end-to-end solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things The Connected Data Solutions software is a cloud-based platform that allows users to... (more)
Omron G5 Servo Integrated Positioner (9/9/2019)
Servo system with integrated positioner for simple positioning applications The Accurax G5 Analogue/ Pulse series is supplied with an integrated positioner as standard. This positioner... (more)
Turck BLCEN Compact Block I/O (9/4/2019)
BLCEN Compact multiprotocol fieldbus station for industrial ethernet TURCK s distributed I/O products provide a variety of configurations to suit individual application needs. Therefore... (more)
Panasonic HG-S Series - Digital Displacement Sensors (9/10/2020)
Ultra-slim contact-type displacement sensor Introducing the Panasonic HG-S Series contact-type digital displacement sensor. It features class leading accuracy in a slim... (more)
Banner Wireless AC H15E and P15E AC Nodes (9/4/2019)
Power control & monitor AC powered devices from a convenient location with new wireless nodes & multihop radios. The integrated I/O featured on the new Sure... (more)
Omron Hornet Parallel Robot (10/18/2019)
Designed for Primary and Secondary Food Packaging The Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for high-speed picking and packaging applications. The powerful controls are... (more)
Turck LS-5 Liquid Level Sensor (5/12/2020)
Continuous level as well as point level monitoring in one device Features TURCK LS-5 Liquid Level Sensor offers continuous level as well as point... (more)
ABB ACS580 Variable Frequency Drive (12/17/2019)
Commission effortless energy efficiency across a broad range of variable speed applications A new generation all-compatible wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive simplifies your... (more)
Banner T18-2 Washdown Sensor (9/4/2019)
The next generation of washdown sensors with all plastic housing The T18-2 Series the next generation of the popular T18 Series was designed for... (more)
Panasonic Fiber Optic Cables (8/23/2019)
Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables A full line-up of Panasonic fiber optic cables from general purpose use fibers to special fibers... (more)
ABB PSTX Series - Softstarter (10/18/2019)
Soft starter with increased reliability efficiency and productivity featuring new functionality The PSTX combines many years of research and product development with extensive knowledge of... (more)
Banner SX5 Series Safety Scanners (9/4/2019)
Versatile safety scanner with easy configuration SX Series safety laser scanners protect personnel equipment and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan... (more)
Omron AnyFeeder (10/17/2019)
Complete Flexible Feeding System optimized to work together with vision motion and robots. Designed to work with a variety of robots and in combination with... (more)
Optex LS 2D Profile Measurement Sensors (4/9/2020)
Laser line array provides high speed high precision measurement of both height and width. All-in-one design: Includes sensor display and push button controls... (more)
ABB TruONE Automatic Transfer Switch (8/28/2019)
All-in-one Automatic Transfer Switch with quick and easy installation The ABB TruONE automatic transfer switch has built-in sensors controllers and connectivity. TruONE... (more)
Omron S8VKG Series - Power Supply Units (9/9/2019)
The right power supply for your applications The S8VKG series power suppliers are available in a variety options from 15W up to 480W and feature... (more)
Panasonic DPS-400/DPH-100 Series - Pressure Sensors (1/15/2020)
Head-separate type dual display digital pressure and vacuum sensor Amplifier separate pressure and vacuum sensors Thin body controller designed to connect with upper devices... (more)
Panasonic HL-C2 High Speed Laser Displacement Sensors (4/9/2020)
High speed high resolution laser displacement sensor Ultra high speed (100kHz) Excellent resolution for demanding measurement applications Data buffering function in the controller for storing... (more)
Panasonic LA Laser Thrubeam Sensors with Analog Output (2/11/2020)
Laser array sensor with 15mm Wide Beam The LA series of laser collimated beam sensors is a safe and precise solution to your detection needs... (more)
Panasonic M-DW1 Wafer Mapping Sensors (2/5/2020)
LED based sensor for precision wafer mapping applications The M-DW1 wafer-mapping sensor is a perfect alternative to laser wafer-mapping solutions. By employing... (more)
Omron Microscan MicroHAWK MV (8/12/2019)
The smallest device for advanced vision The MicroHAWK platform offers the most advanced machine vision capability on the world s smallest smart cameras. Built on... (more)
Optex D3IF Moisture Detection Fiber Amplifiers (2/24/2020)
Fiber optic amplifiers for moisture detection Designed for detection of water molecules Perfect for detection of water based glue saturation levels and liquid level detection... (more)
Panasonic PM2 Series - Microphotoelectric Sensors (11/5/2019)
Convergent reflective sensor for low cost embedded usage Very stable detection Hardly affected by backgrounds Small size for space savings Dark object detectable Detects objects... (more)
Panasonic PX-2 AGV Obstacle Detection Sensors (8/23/2019)
Obstacle detection sensors with wide area detection The PX-2 series is designed for obstacle detection on AGV systems. The wide sensing area and optional... (more)
Panasonic SQ-4 Series - Safety Liquid Leak Sensors (8/23/2019)
Safety leak sensor for water and caustic chemicals The SQ-4 Series is one of the first leak sensors in the industry to earn safety... (more)
Omron E3S-CL Series Variable Distance Photo Sensor (9/9/2019)
Variable distance photoelectric sensor with metal housing Setting distance up to 500 mm with stable background suppression Rugged zinc die cast body rated IP67 NEMA... (more)
Panasonic ER-VW Series Thin Type Ionizers (8/23/2019)
Remove static with the Panasonic ER-VW Series of thin type high frequency static ionizers. Applications Resources Brochure Manual cad files INSERTLIST:ER-VW Shop... (more)
Panasonic NA1-PK3 Series - Ultra-Slim Picking Sensors (8/23/2019)
Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications Ultra-slim compact design Highly visible job indicator Easy alignment with mounting holes in the same axis... (more)
Panasonic SD3-A1 Safety Laser Scanner - Type 3 (1/11/2021)
Safety laser scanner with freely configurable zones This item will be discontinued March 2021. Please contact Ramco for details Two zones can be widely monitored... (more)
Grace Engineered GraceSense Hot Spot Monitor (8/30/2019)
Find faults before they find you with the GraceSense Hot Spot Monitor The NFPA 70B Chapter 17.9 Loose Connection states: Excessive heat in a... (more)
Omron NX-SL Safety CPU Series (8/12/2019)
Integration of safety into machine automation enables simple flexible system configuration EN ISO13849-1 (PLe/Safety Category4) IEC 61508 (SIL3) certified. One connection using Safety... (more)
Optex TD1 Thrubeam Edge Sensor and CDA-DM2 Controller (4/9/2020)
Thrubeam edge sensor for edge measurement and control The TD1 series is ideal for equipment where edge control is required such as for measurement of... (more)
FD-B4S 7-axis, Through Arm, Welding Robot (12/9/2019)
The FDB4S 7 axis through-arm arc-welding robot is ideal for short and medium reach tight spaces with crowded welding zones. A through-arm... (more)
FD-V6S 7-axis Robot (12/9/2019)
The FDV6S 7 axis robot is suitable for arc-welding air plasma cutting and material handling applications. The additional payload supports additional arm attachments such... (more)
FD-V8L Long-Reach Robot (12/6/2019)
The FD-V8L 6-axis long-reach robot is ideal for welding air-plasma cutting or material-handling. This extended reach arm is ideal reaching... (more)
Panasonic DPC-L100/DPH-L100 Head Separate Sensors (8/23/2019)
High-precision digital detection of non-corrosive liquids & gas pressure High Pressure Detection - Pressure ranges up to 50 MPa High Precision - Sensor accuracy has been... (more)
Turck TBIP & TBPN Hybrid Safety IO Modules (12/17/2019)
New BEEP technology allows a network of devices to communicate as a single device TBIP hybrid module completes Turck s portfolio of safety IO solutions... (more)
Panasonic FM-200 Series - Digital Flow Sensors (2/12/2020)
Measures air flow up to 1000 liters/min One of the industry s smallest sizes Easy to see dual color with sub display High precision... (more)
HMS eWON Flexy 205 Remote Access Router (8/30/2019)
Your machine IIOT gateway The eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for... (more)
Optex CVS2-RA Color Sorting, Pattern Matching Sensor (9/5/2019)
All-in-one color sorting and pattern matching inspection sensor Includes camera light source and teaching pendent in one compact device Color sorting and pattern... (more)
Robotiq 2F-85 and 2F-140 Grippers (11/19/2019)
Adaptive grippers built for use with collaborative robots Plug Play on collaborative robots Eliminate changeovers & reduce tooling costs Pick parts of different size and shapes... (more)
Omron K3HB-R Series - Rotary Pulse Indicator (9/9/2019)
Rotary pulse indicator capable of 50kHz measurements The Omron K3HB-R series of rotary pulse indicator feature a digital input a clear and easy-to... (more)
Optex BF High Temperature Thermal Sensors (9/5/2019)
BF-30I-A High Temperature Non-Contact Thermal Sensor from Optex 400 to 1200 C (752 to 2192 F) high temperature measurement 4 to 20ma... (more)
Panasonic PS930/110V Power Supply Sensor Controllers (8/23/2019)
Self-contained power supply sensor controller The PS930/110V is a self-contained module designed to provide 12 VDC @ 75mA to power a sensor and... (more)
ABB DCS880 Industrial DC Drives (8/28/2019)
With safety into the future The new DCS880 DC drive series is built on the all-compatible drive platform that ensures all ABB variable speed... (more)
Banner WLB72 Basic Series Strip Light (11/1/2019)
Bright Energy-Efficient LED Strip Light for Work Areas A bright high-efficacy LED task light used in industrial work areas Enhances overall visibility improves... (more)
Optex V3 and V4 Series Multi-Voltage Sensors (9/5/2019)
Multi-voltage photoelectric sensors with relay outputs Available with integral cable or screw terminal connection High power light source providing dust immunity Resources Brochure Manual... (more)
Optex BRF Manual Adjust Fiber Optic Amplifier (9/6/2019)
32 models - One to fit your needs. 10 turn adjustment pot for fine tuning IP66 model does not need to be mounted in a cabinet... (more)
Omron NX Series IO-Link Master Unit: NXILM-400 (12/23/2019)
Master IO-Link Module IP20 The NXILM-400 is a host controller that can cyclically read control signals status wiring and power supply status of... (more)
Optex OPB LED Bar Light (9/6/2019)
Sensing LED Ring Lighting - Lighting that manages brightness on its own FALUX sensing enables monitoring of brightness and feedback control Using the attachment lens allows... (more)
Optex OPF High Resolution Contour Detection LED Lighting (9/5/2019)
Sensing LED backlighting for high accuracy contour extraction Increased brightness compared with conventional models (narrow directivity angle type: 4 diffuse type: 2.5 ) Long-term... (more)
Optex OPR LED Sensing Ring Light (9/6/2019)
Sensing LED Ring Lighting - Lighting that manages brightness on its own FALUX sensing enables monitoring of brightness and feedback control Using the attachment lens allows... (more)
Ramco Innovations: Always Seeking Top Talent (7/25/2019)
Ramco Innovations is always seeking top talent within our industry. If you don t currently see an open position that fits your qualifications please feel... (more)
Omron XW6T Wiring System Interface (10/2/2019)
New XW6T Wiring System Interface reduces wiring effort and helps downsize control panels The XW6T Wiring System Interface makes wiring easier than ever with Omron... (more)
Optex MDF Light Monitoring & Illumination Check Sensor (9/6/2019)
The industry s first solution for light-brightness management by numerical values Automatic measurement of continuous lighting and ON/OFF lighting control using an internal... (more)
Robotic Arc Welding Systems (12/6/2019)
Welbee power sources deliver the industry s leading nanosecond performance the result of a 6 year and 10 million development. The proprietary LSI chip delivers... (more)
Banner S15WL Inline Illuminator (1/28/2021)
Miniature Inline LED illuminator providing 360 degree lighting to easily be added to existing components BETTER MACHINE VISIBILITY S15WL features white light in a highly... (more)
Optex BGS-ZL Background Suppression Laser Sensor (11/27/2019)
High Performance Compact RED Laser Background Suppression Sensor Small Bright Beam: 1mm spot bright laser beam spot can be seen easily even in bright environments... (more)
Panasonic Sensor and Automation Store (1/6/2021)
Thousands of solutions in stock Ramco Innovations is one of the largest solutions providers of Panasonic/SUNX Factory Automation products in North America. On Ramcoi... (more)