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VS8 Actual Size

Banner VS8 Miniature Sensors

Miniature Sensor for Precise Detection Miniature sensor for installation in the smallest of spaces Red laser models provide bright, precise laser light spot for optimum small part detection Models with a blue LED reliably detect challenging targets, including dark, reflective, and transparent objects without requiring a reflector High switching frequency for detection in even the […]
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Grace Engineered Voltage Test Station

Enhance your electrical safety program through safety-by-design The Voltage Test Station combines Grace’s Safe-Test Point with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective housing. The VTS test point jacks allow measurement of AC/DC voltages either phase to phase or phase to ground. The R-3W Series voltage indicators with either flashing or non-flashing LEDs visually represent […]
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Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors

Long-distance Detection Prevents Unexpected Facility Stoppages New E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors reduce unexpected facility stoppages due to false detection, failures, and damage caused by previous proximity sensors. Where the previous M12 model had only 3mm of sensing distance, the new E2E NEXT M12 model has 7mm of sensing distance. They enhance stability – The E2E NEXT […]
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Banner wireless ac nodes_web

Banner Wireless AC Nodes

H15E and P15E AC Nodes Power, Control & Monitor AC Powered Devices from a Convenient Location with New Wireless Nodes & Multihop Radios The integrated I/O featured on the new Sure Cross® Wireless Performance Series P15E Nodes and Multihop Modbus H15E Radios enables users to power any connected device or bank of devices ON or […]
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omron NX1P product line up

Omron NX1P Machine Automation Controller

Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IoT in a Sysmac entry model                           Advanced motion control The built-in EtherCAT port and advanced motion control of the NX1P make machines faster and more precise EtherCAT simplifies the wiring to up to eight servo […]
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flexy options

eWON Flexy 205 Remote Access Router

Your Machine IIoT Gateway The eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also […]
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Omron ZW-5000 Compact Confocal Sensor

Solve More Inspection Applications The ZW-5000 outperforms laser displacement sensors in inspection applications where its ultra-small spot size makes it possible to do high-precision gap, position and profile measurements. Sensors with larger beams can be an effective solution for profile inspection where rough surfaces produce unwanted measurement results. Their large spot size helps ignore the […]
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Banner WLS27 5-color

Banner WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights

Robust Multicolor LED Strip Lights Combine Illumination + Indication Available in three- and five-color models, new WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS™ provide brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication in one robust light fixture. They have the same rugged build, compact design, and attractive cylindrical shape as other LED lights in the WLS27 Series, […]
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Turck TBPN Safety IO Module

Turck introduces the TBPN safety block I/O module, which is the first block I/O module to combine both standard and safety inputs/outputs in a single device. The IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted to the specific signal requirements in the machine, and in doing so, help users to save valuable space and greatly reduce overall […]
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Turck TBIP & TBPN Hybrid Safety IO Modules

TBIP hybrid module completes Turck’s portfolio of safety IO solutions Turck’s TBIP offers another hybrid safety IO module that combines standard and safety outputs in a single device – in this case for Ethernet/IP and CIP Safety. The TBPN model for Profinet/Profisafe is already available. Both IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted flexibly to the […]
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SafeSide Flex-Mount Voltage Indicator

Easy Installation: Safer Verification with the Flex-Mount Voltage Indicator   Why use a voltage indicator? After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while the enclosure door is safely closed. The risk of arc-flash is reduced because electricians know if there is power inside the enclosure before re-verifying isolation. What is a […]
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IP69K EZ-Screen LS Hygienic Enclosure

The new Banner IP69K EZ-Screen LS light curtain enclosure combines the intuitive, easy-to-use LS light curtain with the ruggedness required for the harsh environment of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. IP69K EZ-Screen Product Features ▪ IP69K rating – ideal for high-pressure washdown applications ▪ Hygienic design – smooth, angled surfaces ▪ 316 stainless steel end […]
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Omron E5_D Temperature Controller

New Functionalities Enable More Precise PID Control In the new E5_D series, we expanded the capabilities of the E5_C series temperature controllers with specialized adaptive control, automatic filter adjustment, and water-cooling output adjustment to open more sales opportunities. Breakthrough Improvements What problems does adaptive control solve? To manually recalculate PID parameters requires experienced engineers and […]
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The Growing Role of Electromechanical Actuators

Maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace requires manufacturers to continually search for new processes and technologies that increase production quantity, quality, and flexibility. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry where shorter time-to-market cycles and ongoing cost containment are critical to enhancing shareholder value in the face of ever-increasing global […]
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Using AGVs Case Study

Using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to create a more flexible and efficient production environment Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are a key component of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and are a proven technology to improve efficiency, safety, and quality in an automotive manufacturing environment. Reliable, configurable, easily programmable, and real-time communication capabilities are critical to […]
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Turck IM12-CCM

Turck IM12-CCM Cabinet Condition Monitor

The IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard, is a device capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. As an added benefit, the device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations. The slim 12.5 mm DIN-rail cabinet guard can be easily […]
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ez screen limited function application

Banner Low Profile Limited Function Series

Type 4 Safety Light Curtains Banner’s new EZ-SCREEN® LP Limited Function Safety Light Screens were developed specifically to solve simple applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs. They have the same low-profile design and versatile mounting options as other EZ-SCREEN LP safety light screens and are available in resolutions of 14 mm or 25 mm […]
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GracePort by Grace Engineered Products

GracePorts are communication ports that allow workers to access control panels easily through closed doors, which eliminates the risk of contamination to the panel. Thru-door access enhances compliance to NFPA 70E / CSA Z462 as well as global electrical safety standards. Our ability to fully customize your GracePort® to meet your precise needs means never […]
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q26 front and back

Banner Q26 Clear Object Sensor

Sensor solution for clear object detection applications. The Q26 cannot be tricked by mirror-like surfaces and has precise leading edge detection. Clear, transparent objects reliably detected Polarized retro coaxial optical design enables detection of mirror-like surfaces allows sensor and reflector to operate at very short distances enables very precise leading edge detection Light Operate/Dark Operate […]
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edge scout mobile apps

EdgeScout Remote Monitoring Solution

EdgeScout is a turnkey remote monitoring solution hosted by RRAMAC Connected Systems. EdgeScout offers comprehensive industrial remote monitoring solutions that can maximize production, reduce operating costs and keep your equipment up and running. You can quickly maintain and repair your production assets to control costs and track trends. EdgeScout features custom reporting and analytics, easy installation, web and mobile apps, […]
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