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Comprehensive solutions for every aspect of factory automation. Flagship Omron, Turck, Unitronics and Red Lion automation platforms, I/O products, all-in-one solutions.


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Omron Sysmac Platform

Sysmac is the machine automation platform from Omron with integration throughout from controller to software.

The guiding principles behind the Sysmac automation platform are:

  • One control for the entire machine or production cell
  • Harmony between machine and people
  • Open communication and open programming standards.
  • The result: a powerful and robust automation platform with a new Machine Automation Controller, that integrates motion, sequencing, safety, networking and vision inspection, a new software (Sysmac Studio), that includes configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring and a fast machine network (EtherCAT) to control motion, safety, vision, sensors and actuators.
  • Detailed Information: Omron NJ1, NJ3, NJ5, NX,NX1, NX1P, NX701, and NA Programmable Terminal

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Turck Fieldbus Technology

Turck provides a complete line of distributed I/O products and technologies for every fieldbus protocol, including modular and block I/O systems, in-cabinet and on-machine I/O, decentralized intelligence with programmable systems conforming to IEC 61131, and innovative technologies, like RFID. All platforms provide the ability to reduce time and costs during a project’s planning, installation, commissioning, and operation phases

    • Web based programming environment
    • Standard in Turck Multiprotocol block I/O devices
    • No PLC needed to perform logic
  • BEEP (Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol)

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Red Lion HMI

Connected CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs

The breadth of screen sizes and options available with CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs enables you to reduce risk from human error by delivering a consistent user experience across platforms. With 16M colors and widescreen options available, train new operators faster and with greater comprehension by offering full-color visual guides to shorten downtime during changeovers or for troubleshooting common issues.

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Unitronic All-in-One Solutions

One Integrated Solution for Control & Automation 

With one integrated solution comprising the PLC + HMI + I/O + Servo + VFD + related components, all programming and troubleshooting can be done at once, in an All-in-One software environment. You benefit from a shorter learning curve, simplified workflow and easy integration.

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