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Motion control engineered solutions keep power, efficiency and accuracy of movement at peak performance. Servo drives, actuators, stepper motors, drivers, controllers and more.


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Omron 1S servo

1s Drives EtherCat Sysmac General-Purpose Servo
AC servo drives with built-in EtherCAT communications

  • Part of the Sysmac family
  • Wide range of sizes: 200 VAC single-phase: 50 W to 15 kW
    400 VAC three-phase: 600 W to 15 kW
  • 23-bit resolution encoder
  • Fast and secure screw-less push-in in all connectors
  • Pluggable connectors for easy pre-wiring and system maintenance
  • Direct wiring of I/O signals
  • Embedded relay for direct motor brake control

Control Techniques Servo Drives  

Control Techniques motor control solutions help businesses to significantly reduce energy costs and improve their operating efficiency.

The servo drives can connect to a wide range of motion controllers through I/O or dedicated communication networks such as EtherCAT or alternatively, take control of the automation system through the drives integrated motion controller.

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Control Techniques
Motion Made Easy

Control Techniques Motion Made Easy® 
PTi210 PowerTools integration Module

Setup complex servo motion control applications within minutes for Digitax HD and Unidrive M servo drives. The PTi210 enables Control Techniques’ PowerTools Studio software interface.

  • Easy to Use – No specialized skills required to setup and execute motion - no coding!
  • Reliable and Economical – less labor and components to integrate motion
  • Flexible – one setup process for a wide range of motion applications 

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Parker Linear Motion

Belt-driven actuators are ideal for high speed, industrial automation applications. These positioners are used in either single or multi-axis configurations such as gantry robots, and are ideal for applications such as palletizing, storage and retrieval, machine loading, parts handling, material handling and automated assembly.

OSPE BHD Belt Actuator with Integrated Ball Bearing

  • 4 bore sizes available: 20, 25, 32 and 50
  • Max normal load = 15,000 N (3,400 lbs)
  • Standard travel up to 5 meters

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Exlar Roller Screw Actuators

  • Roller screws: service life 15 times greater than ball screws
  • Roller screws have greater load carrying capacities 2 to 3 times higher than ball screws, plus improved stiffness
  • Compact servo actuator with inverted roller screw

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Oriental Motor Stepper Motors, Drives & Controllers

Economical and Easy to Configure

Oriental Motor offers many solutions for a wide variety of applications:

  • AlphaStep Closed Loop Stepper Motors, 2-Phase Stepper Motors, 5-Phase Stepper Motors
  • Geared, Encoder and Electromagnetic Brake options
  • AC or DC Input Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Frame Sizes from 0.79 in. (20 mm) up to 3.54 in. (90 mm)

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