BLCEN Compact multiprotocol fieldbus station for industrial ethernet

TURCK’s distributed I/O products provide a variety of configurations to suit individual application needs. Therefore, all platforms provide the ability to reduce time and costs during a project’s planning, installation, commissioning, and operation phases.


The BLCEN series is designed to accommodate up to two IO modules utilizing two different housing styles. The IO modules originate from BL67 product family thus providing standardization of IO modules across different applications. Two style IO connectors, M8 or M12, provide connection for a single or dual IO signals. Detailed device information is provided by the device data sheet.

On-machine (IP67/69K) block I/O does not require an enclosure, allowing it to be mounted directly on the machine. Featuring a hardened and potted enclosure, TURCK on-machine block I/O modules are ideal for use in harsh applications, such as mobile equipment, automotive and food and beverage. These Modules offer quick connection and are used as flexible modular I/O performance.


  • Support 3 protocols: EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET
  • ACD (Address Conflict Detection)
  • DLR (Device Level Ring)
  • QC (QuickConnect)
  • Two D-coded Ethernet ports ETH1 and ETH2. and embedded multiport switch
  • Two M12 24VDC power connectors, pass-through
  • Two rotary address switches
  • Advanced Web server
  • Device configuration using CIP Bridging and device “Catalog” file
  • 1 or 2 slot housing accommodates up to two IO modules
  • Cost effective, flexible design, allows different combination of discrete, analog or technology modules

Innovative Manufacturing Capabilities

Distributed Control

TURCK products can be programmed with CoDeSys software to create independent distributed control architectures using gateways with integrated subnet capabilities.


TURCK’s products offer Ethernet solutions where I/O connects directly or indirectly to Ethernet. Indirect Ethernet gives you the ability to expand the amount of I/O per station with subnet capabilities. TURCK’s subnet is self-configuring and offers a seamless transition to the Ethernet layer because the I/O process data is presented as standard Ethernet I/O. TURCK also offers a variety of Ethernet topology options including line topology made possible by Ethernet switches built into our Ethernet products. TURCK also offers innovative solutions that conform to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) standards for QuickConnect.

Harsh Environments

TURCK products have some of the highest tolerances to environmental extremes on the market. Block I/O products are rated from -40°C to 70°C and are protected up to IP69K. Because of this, these parts are able to withstand the spraying, cleaning and humid or moist environments often found in food and beverage applications.