Nachi Heavy Payload Robots

  MC Heavy Loader Series

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  MR 7-Axis Flexible Motion SeriesLearn More

       MZ Series for          Handling    Learn More

Nachi Robots for Welding

SRA Series for Welding

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  SRA-H Series for Welding with CagesLearn More

Nachi Robot LP Series

?The four-axis Nachi LP Series Robots offer generous horizontal and vertical strokes. A single robot is capable of reaching up to 6 pallets in a single cell.

High-speed LP130 can reach 1800 cycles per hour. Air and Control wiring provided to J4 for easy connectivity to your part gripper.

?Payloads: 130kg to 210kg
Reach: 3210mm
Mounting: Floor

Nachi Robots Accessories

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  FD-B4LS 7-Axis

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  FD-B4S 7-AxisLearn More

  FD-B6L 6-AxisLearn More

  FD-H5 6-Axis

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  FD-V100 6-AxisLearn More

   FD-V130 6-AxisLearn More

FD-V20S 7-Axis

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  FD-V25 6-Axis Learn More

   FD-V6LS 7-AxisLearn More

FD-V6S 7-Axis

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  FD-V8 6-AxisLearn More

   FD-V80 6-Axis  Learn More

FD-V8L 6-Axis

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     FD-B6       Learn More

OTC Arc Welding Systems

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