Sensing Solutions

Ramco Innovations is the largest solutions provider of Optex FA products in North America. On, you can filter products by attribute to find exactly what you're looking for, with real time pricing and inventory. With an account, you'll have full access to user tools from access to quote history and open invoices, the ability to track orders, create wish lists, and even collaborate with customers from the same company.

For over 50 years, Ramco has helped thousands of customers solve sensing applications in a wide variety of industries. Optex FA offers high quality, industry leading, forward thinking factory automation sensors and factory automation solutions. Ramco will be glad to assist with your sensing and automation challenge.

Laser Measurement Sensors

Comprehensive lineup of laser measurement sensors from the compact CD22 series to the newest CD2H with the widest range of sensing distances and high speed measurement. 

Background/Foreground Suppression Sensors

Optex FA's complete line of background (BGS) and foreground (FGS) LED and laser sensors are excellent for detecting many different reflective targets at the same sensing distance with ability to ignore even the shiniest of background surfaces.

Transparent Object Detection Sensors

Ramco offers a full line-up of Panasonic fiber optic cables from general purpose use fibers to special fibers that are compatible with all of the Panasonic Fiber Optic Amplifiers.

Optex FA's complete line of transparent object detection sensors are designed for precision detection of all transparent material including glass, PET bottles, films, and plastics. Some models incorporate coaxial optics for detection of small clear targets such as small vials or bottles with a very small gaps between them.

Fiber Optic Cables and Sensors

Optex FA's complete line of fiber optic cables includes hundreds of options for many demanding applications. Options include small spot, wide beam array, high temperature, vacuum rated, Chemical resistant, liquid level, high flex, easy mount, wafer mapping, right angle, and long distance detection. optex provides many models with freely cuttable cable allowing for many installation requirements. All Optex fiber cables are compatible with standard 2.2mm diameter fiber amplifiers.

Optex FA's complete line of fiber optic sensor amplifiers including the newest generation of a bright LED light source and advanced microprocessor for high speed precise detection of subtle reflective differences in parts. Other models include cost effective 10 turn sensitivity adjustment types in an IP66 housing.

Thermometers (Optex Thermo-Hunter)

For some objects, safely checking whether the object's surface is hot or cold without contact may be difficult. However, because objects with heat emit invisible infrared rays from the surface, Optex FA developed its line of non-contact thermometers utilizing proprietary infrared technology to measure the surface temperature instantly without having to touch the measurement target.

The Thermo-Hunter series includes various convenient functions to ensure high-accuracy measurement, including stationary-type sensors that remain fixed, integrated digital displays, and coaxial laser markers that make confirmation of the measurement area simple.

Laser Sensors

Optex FA's complete line up of laser sensors designed for high accuracy repeatable detection of many different target objects. These quality laser sensors provide a wide variety of high speed sensing modes including diffuse, background and foreground suppression, thrubeam, retro-reflective, convergent, mark sensing, transparent object detection.

Photoelectric DC Sensors

Optex FA's complete line of DC voltage photoelectric sensors are available Thrubeam, Diffuse, Retroreflective, background and foreground suppression, convergent, and transparent object detection modes. All of these modes are represented in a variety of housings designed for many different installation requirements.

Photoelectric AC/DC Sensors

General purpose AC/DC multi-voltage photoelectric sensors with relay output and time delay options. Background suppression, thrubeam, diffuse, and retroreflective models available.

Color/ Vision Sensors

RGB colors and all-in-one color area sensors that are ideal for looking at larger areas and requiring more flexibility than traditional spot beam color sensors. Color vision and OCR sensors with built in processor for high speed applications are also available.

LED Vision Lighting

OPTEX FA provides LED lighting and LED lighting controllers for machine vision inspection. The line-up includes ring lights, bar lights, square lights, dome lights, backlight flat lights, coaxial lights, full-color RGB lights, spot lights, UV lights, IR lights and unique light controllers. OPTEX FA light controller provide proprietary FALUX and FALUX sensing in order to achieve automatic control of brightness.

Sensor Controllers

Panasonic (formerly Sunx) offers several sensor controller units to get the most out of analog and discrete output sensor solutions. With built-in displays, integrated timers, simple logic control, arithmetic functions, and signal converters these units are perfect for usage where the PLCs requires a different input or not is not accessible.