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Omron TM Series Collaborative Robots

Robots have been used in manufacturing for well over 20 years, and the latest buzz word in the industry is Cobots or Collaborative Robots. Omron recently released the TM Series of Cobots which might be the perfect fit for your needs. This article and video will give you an overview of what Collaborative Robots are and how they differ from traditional robots.

What Makes the Cobot Different?

The Omron TM series of collaborative robots are designed to work right next to a person enabling them to do their job more efficiently.  Therefore, the TM robots come in a variety of reaches from 700-1300mm and payloads from 4kg to 14kg.  With an IP54 environmental housing, they can withstand a majority of manufacturing environments.  The TM robot is driven from a standalone controller but can interface with external automation equipment using its onboard digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Features and Functions

One of the best features of the TM Cobot is the intuitive programming software.  This software can be used through the TM’s onboard computer or with a personal laptop. In fact, it is flow chart based and very easy to understand which allows non-technical people to program the robot with just a few basic instructions.

There are 3 main buttons on the robot that assist in programming.

The free button allows users to physically guide the robot into place without the need for a teach pendant.

The teach button will record the current position of the robot onto a point on the flow chart.

Lastly, the gripper button will pick up parts or release parts into position and record those commands onto a point on the flow chart.

Finally, the most impressive feature of the TM Series is the onboard camera.  The camera can be used to re-orient the robot to a workspace, based on a known landmark.  This is useful if you wish to move the robot from workspace to workspace and eliminates the need to preciously locate the robot.

In summary, the TM series of collaborative robots, from Omron Automation, will help fill an important role in the industry. The robot can be easily trained to perform almost any task, freeing your workforce from repetitive tasks and increasing your productivity.

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