Reliable and Efficient Operation of Your Facility's Equipment 

  • Enables informed maintenance decisions and support increase uptime by providing real-time equipment and health insights
  • Installs easily and works on nearly any piece of equipment, new or old, regardless of type or brand
  • Provides ready access to sensor data and setup via touchscreen display

Gateway with Snap ID

SNAP ID simplifies setup, eliminates programming, recognizes sensors, scales data into understandable units such as pressure and temperature instead of milliamps or volts.

Creating a monitoring solution is easy with SNAP ID.  Pick out the gateway you need along with up to 20 sensors to monitor points on your equipment. 

Set Up in 3 Steps:

  1.  Install and power the Asset     Monitoring Gateway
  2.  Connect and address sensors
  3.  Install sensors on equipment and commission the system

Local Display:

Easy viewing of critical system info locally or in the cloud.

Machine Learning with VIBE-IQ™:

Continuously monitors vibration on rotating equipment and alerts maintenance teams of potential issues.

Pre-configured as well as customizable dashboards and alerts

Compact Touch screen control panel provides local as well as remote equipment monitoring 

SNAP ID technology offers versatile sensor, converter, and cabling choices for all applications.