Application Engineering

Whether you are looking for help expanding your production facility or reconfiguring an existing process, our team of application engineers are here to help make your life a little easier.

Our High Tech Automation Team has an average tenure of over 19 years in the field selecting products and finding automation solutions. The team’s diverse knowledge base allows them to better understand your specific needs and challenges allowing them to help you find the right automation solution quickly, saving you precious time and money.

Continued growth is the goal for our application engineers, and they never stop learning. By attending regular factory training classes and in-house training sessions, our High Tech Automation Team stays up-to-date with the latest automation products, trends, and technologies.

Our team can assist you with anything from product selection, to application evaluation, to programming, and post-sale technical support.

Robotics Proof of Concept

The Ramco High Tech Team of Application Engineers and Robot Specialists has a solution for any application and is here to help your application run faster, safely, and more efficiently. 

Our team offers Proof of Concept services to determine which robot is right for you-- and guarantee that your new robot will do what you need it to. 

Kitting & Assembly

Ramco Innovations maintains the staff and resources necessary to efficiently assemble and design custom extruded aluminum framework, custom push button, motor starter, and disconnect boxes, and pneumatic devices to custom fit your application.

We can also ship pre-configured assemblies to meet your production schedules and help you reduce costs. We do everything from consolidating individual parts, packaging and assembly to re-labeling parts with custom part numbers.

This process can include fully assembled terminal block assemblies with jumpers and markers, sensor kits that include needed mounting hardware, brackets and cables, push button and selector switch kits that have the needed style of operator and contact arrangements, and more.


Ramco Innovations offers in-house engraving services that provide fast turnaround and competitive pricing. We even have the flexibility to meet any quantity.

  • Custom legend plates for any push button size needed, 16mm, 22mm, 30mm etc.
  • Custom back lighted legend plates
  • Multi color legend plates
  • Office name plates
  • Up to 24? X 48? engravings available
  • Many color combinations in stock
  • Design and consultation available
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Adhesive mounting, holes, or custom fastener options
  • Custom shapes

Connectorizing & Cabling

From single piece assemblies to high volume production runs, Ramco Innovations can save you time and money by adding a wide variety of connectors to sensors and cables for ease of installation in the field. From solder and crimp style connectors to custom molded assemblies, Ramco can provide complete cable and connector assemblies that will help streamline your production and inventory processes.

We can also provide custom programming and communication cables to your specifications, DB9, DB15, DB25. We also provide custom sensor cables with various types of quick disconnect systems, M8, M12, M23 etc.

Panel Building

Our expert engineering team and UL 508A panel shop provides solutions from build-to-print to full custom design. We utilize the latest technology to generate CAD designs that are organized and easy to troubleshoot. Using components from our world-class vendors like ABB, Omron, Banner, Turck, and Panasonic, we can take your panel project from scribbled-on-a-napkin to functional control panel. Ramco will source parts, assemble the panel, and provide you with a single part number for simplified ordering.

Shipping & Receiving

Our experienced team of warehousing professionals make same day shipping of stocked items a reality for our customers.

Getting product to our customers when they need it is a top priority.

Ramco Ramport

Does the thought of getting into a full arc flash suit and putting yourself at risk of experiencing an arc flash when accessing ports inside your electrical enclosure send chills down your spine?

Do you wish that there was a product that allowed you to stay safely outside your electrical enclosure but still allowed access to critical elements for programming inside?

The RamPort from Ramco Innovations may just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Ramco can make a custom RamPort to fit your programming needs. Watch the video to learn more!