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Built for the Future of Automation and Designed for Modern Manufacturing 

Industry 4.0 Ready

Omron TM cobots are geared toward manufacturers seeking to boost production and reduce employee fatigue by automating repetitive tasks such as machine tending, loading and unloading, assembly, screw driving, gluing, testing or soldering.


1,500Kg Capacity Mobile Robot

Offering Industry Innovations

The 1,500 Kg payload Omron HD-1500 mobile robot handles the performance of simple transport, delivery, and routing operations so your employees can perform higher-value jobs. Designed to meet the industry’s latest requirements, our mobile robots interact with people to promote a collaborative, safe working environment.


Expand Material-handling Applications with OMRON’s i4L SCARA Robot.

precision machining, assembly
and material handling.

The i4L robot is capable of high speed, high-precision motion with payloads up to 5kg. Its compact design and flexible programming make it ideal for a wide variety of robot applications including digital assembly.