Enabling end-to-end solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things

The Connected Data Solutions software is a cloud-based platform that allows users to visualize, create alerts, store, and analyze critical data collected by Banner wired and wireless sensors. The software complements our wireless product portfolio and provides customers with complete end-to-end IIoT solutions.

Make better, date-driven decisions

The Connected Data Solutions platform is more than a dashboard. With analytics and visualization tools, the software delivers actionable insights that allow you to solve real challenges on the factory floor. Plus, the ability to store data and analyze trends over time helps you make better, data-driven decisions long-term.

Access data on demand; get alerts in real time

The Connected Data Solutions platform allows you to remotely access data anytime and anywhere using an internet-connected Banner gateway. In addition, you can define parameters to control when to receive notifications via email or SMS message. On-demand visibility and real-time alerts allow you to remotely monitor and diagnose systems quickly, saving time and costs.

Maximize uptime and increase efficiency

Predictive maintenance is a key capability of Banner’s IIoT solutions. The software platform helps you use device data to predict machine maintenance requirements, which reduces unplanned downtime, increases mean time between failures (MTBF) and reduces maintenance costs.

Trust that your data is secure

Data transmissions from your devices to a gateway are secured via several layers of protection including a proprietary communication protocol and generic data transfer. In addition, data transmissions from the gateway to the cloud are securely encrypted for peace of mind. Watch the video to learn more about how Banner protects your data security and data integrity.