Versatile photoelectric sensor with robust housing for diverse application needs

The Banner Q4X Photoelectric Sensor Series offers superior performance and high quality sensing in an easy-to-use device for any sensing applications. With an IP69K rating, the Q4X boasts robust housing made with FDA-grade stainless steel, making it ideal for rugged applications.  The Q4X is capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance, with a reliable sensing range from as close as 25 mm and as far as 610 mm. Other features include: 

  • A variety of models available including discrete, analog (- to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA), clear object, and IO-Link models for any application
  • Capable of detecting across a variety of target colors, materials, and surfaces based on distance
  • User-friendly featuring easy setup with responsive buttons
  • Ideal for error-proofing applications and clear object detection without a retro-reflector with dual teach mode for intensity and distance
  • Rugged design resists mechanical impact, over tightening, and extreme vibration
  • Clear distance readout from angled four-digit display   

The Q4X Series all-purpose photoelectric sensor offers reliable detection in wide range of applications including: 

  • Carton stack height detection with frequent product changeovers and the need for reduced setup time
  • Bottle fill level detection to measure fill level and provide feedback on height of pills
  • Cap orientation verification in a sanitary environment, subjected to aggressive chemicals    
  • Rubber washer detection on engine block of dark materials featuring a risk of impact
  • Detecting black parts on a black door panel to differentiate between foam and a poor contrast background
  • Close proximity error proofing on assembly lines with multiple sensors to confirm part presence and position
  • Hard disk detection to detect whether shiny disks are properly sealed. 



DiscreteAnalogIO-LinkClear ObjectDual Discrete w/ IO-Link
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