Compact and intelligent general purpose controllers

The F3SG, the next generation safety light curtain packed with powerful features, offering both robustness and reliability.

Robust and compact

All models are equipped with a robust housing that can be used in harsh conditions and withstand shocks caused by sudden human contact or a dropped tool. The scratch-resistant material is used for the optical surface to prevent unexpected machine stops. The scratch-resistant material is used for the optical surface to prevent unexpected machine stops. The cross section is approximately 60% of the previous model.


Each unit has 5 times the torsion resistance of the previous model. The risk of optical axis misalignment due to vibration or aging can be reduced.

All models have IP67 protection that allows them to be used in environments that are subject to water.

The newly designed high-power optical system provides the best-in-class light transmission and operating range. This allows stable operation even in dusty or other environments where light transmission is reduced.

Increasing both productivity and safety: Muting Function

The F3SG-R provides advanced Muting function that detects the zone where workpieces pass or the position of a machine or robot and disable beams of the detected part. This increases both safety and productivity. By adding the smart muting actuator, the F3SG-R provides stable operation even for the production lines where errors occur due to vibration caused by the passing workpiece.

The Smart Muting Actuator reduces adjustment time by 80%

Auto-configure of muting zone: Dynamic Muting

When workpieces with various heights are conveyed on the same line, partial muting is automatically performed based on the height of the workpiece. This advanced muting function can automatically perform normal detection at the zone where a workpiece does not pass.

Minimizing setting and detection errors: Configuration Tool SD Manager2

The function to log the muting sensor operating conditions of the F3SG-R visualizes the installation position and setting conditions of the sensor to achieve reliable configuration. The stop due to the muting error can be analyzed using the data stored in the F3SG-R. Quick identification of the cause can reduce unexpected machine downtime.

Smartclick technology: No Torque Control Required

Smartclick connectors are used to quickly connect cables. Just turn the round waterproof M12 connector 1/8 of a turn. This stress-free connection reduces the time required for wiring and replacement when many devices are connected together.

Simple Wiring

The total extension cable length is up to 100 m. Flexible wiring maximizes long-distance detection and optical synchronization functionality.

Simple wiring connector can reduce wiring time. Fewer cables mean that the risk of disconnection and noise troubles can also be reduced.

Optical synchronization eliminates the need for synchronization wiring between the emitter and receiver. Flexible wiring enables reducing disconnection risk and avoiding noise sources.