Awe-inspiring power and superior flexibility in the HAWK MV-4000

This smart camera builds upon the previous generation by quadrupling processing power and achieving real-time trigger response using an FPGA. Its state-of-the-art algorithms make it an excellent tool for any industry, whether the requirement is code reading, code verification, inspection, guidance, gauging or a combination of all four.

The HAWK MV-4000’s image-centric user interface with drag-and-drop programming makes it simple to set up. The average operator or technician will appreciate the intuitive AutoVISION user interface (UI) that gets the reading, verification and vision tools ready to read right out of the box. Experts in machine vision will have access to another interface, known as FrontRunner, to gain access to the full range of the HAWK’s potential.

With processing capabilities nearly reaching the speeds one would expect from much more complex PC-based devices, this smart camera is truly in a league of its own. Vision engineers are calling it the “golden middle” between PC-based cameras and the average smart camera on the market. External processing is not necessary to achieve inspection rates ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 parts per minute using the HAWK MV-4000.

The HAWK MV-4000 is fully accessorized with lens, lights, cables, and mounts.

Full Industrial Connectivity

Extremely Rugged

Powerful and Flexible

High Frame Rate Sensors

Complete Vision, Code Reading and Code Verification Toolset

Near PC Processing Speeds

Fully Accessorized with Lenses, Lights, Cables and Mounts

Programmed Using AutoVISION or Visionscape