All-in-one thermal sensor with built-in amplifier

  • All-In-One Non-Contact Thermal Sensor (Thermohunter) 
  • Temperature ranges of 0 to 500? (0 to 932F) 
  • Scaling Function 
    • The temperature range of analog output can be scaled within the temperature range 
  • Built-In Amplifier with Compact Body 
    • The first non-contact thermometer of its class incorporating a digital display, setting panel, and output function. 
  • Emissivity Teach Function simplifies emissivity adjustment 
  • Two Optic Types 
    • Long focus : 30mm at 1000mm distance (BA30) 
    • Narrow focus : 6mm at 200mm distance (BA06) 
  • Three-Type Outputs 
    • 4-20mA type is suitable for long-distance transmission, 1mV type is used for the connection with a panel meter, and photo MOS relay type is for a trigger signal when temperature error occurs. 
  • The Built-In Coaxial Laser Spot Beam Makes it Easy to Align the Thermometer with the Target