Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables

Optex Fa's complete line of fiber optic cables includes hundreds of options for many demanding applications. Options include small spot, wide beam array, high temperature, vacuum rated, Chemical resistant, liquid level, high flex, easy mount, wafer mapping, right angle, and long distance detection. optex provides many models with freely cuttable cable allowing for many installation requirements. All Optex fiber cables are compatible with standard 2.2mm diameter fiber amplifiers.


Threaded and Smooth Cylindrical Types Type Fiber Cables

Threaded and smooth barrel cylindrical fiber optic cables designed for a wide variety of applications.

Focused Beam Fibers and Add-On Lenses

Extend the functionality of your fiber cables with focused beam and add-on lenses. Options include detecting small objects with beam spots as small as .2mm diameter, viewing right angles, thru-beam lenses and more.


Wide Beam Array Fiber Cables

Array fibers available in thrubeam and diffuse models including fresnel lens types up to 40mm in size. When you have many parts that are not uniform, a wide-beam fiber may be a great solution for you. Wide-beam fibers are perfect for counting objects that aren't fixed either in their movement or their shape. Wide-beam fibers can be used for counting, presence, passage detection, drilled work pieces and more. Optex FA offers thru-beam, diffuse, screena and array fibers. Check out our selection below and as always, give us a call with any questions.

Bendable and Non-Bendable Sleeve  Type Fiber Cables

  • Increased Usability: Includes both Color and mark detection mode
  • Easy Set-up: Push-button teach with digital display along with fine tune adjustment
  • Convenient: Ability to store up to 8 sensing parameters and select them remotely
  • Automatic RGB Color Sensing

High Flex and Tight Bend Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables with a minimum bend radius as small as 2mm.

High Temperature and Vacuum Rated Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables designed for applications in vacuum and high temperature environments.


Rectangular Shape and Convergent Type Fiber Optic Cables

Flexible mounting configurations and space saving installations. Convergent type perfect for glass or wafer sensing.

Polarized Retro-Reflective Fiber Cables

Retrorefletive fiber transparent object detection. 


Liquid Sensing and Chemical Resistant Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables that are used for liquid level or liquid leak detection. Chemical resistance fibers are designed for harsh chemical environments.

Narrow Aperture and Wafer Mapping Fiber Cables

With a narrow emitting angle of as small as 2 degrees, narrow aperture fibers are well suited for wafer mapping in the semicon industry.