Cost effective fiber optic amplifier for precise sensitivity applications

The V2RF series is a cost effective fiber optic amplifier featuring an IP66 rating allowing you to mount it in locations that aren't possible with other fiber amps.

It has an 8-turn potentiometer with indicator allowing for precise sensitivity for applications that require fine adjustments. The V2RF series has a simple control panel and long range sensing of up to 610 mm and a fast 250 µs response time.


Mounting holes

The amplifier features mounting holes for M3 screws, enabling the amplifier to be mounted without the need for a DIN rail or mounting bracket.

IP66 protection rating

The amplifier features an IP66 protection rating ensuring durability in wet conditions.

Cable and connector type

The amplifier is available both with a convenient cable and cost effective cable type, as well as a connector type that allows for easy replacement.

Simple control panel

Potentiometer with indicator

The amplifier features an 8-turn potentiometer that allows for fine adjustment for the optimal sensitivity, as well as an indicator to show how much the sensitivity has been adjusted.

OFF delay timer

The amplifier is equipped with an OFF delay timer fixed at 40 ms, which extends the pulse width to 40 ms or more for input devices that cannot receive short ON/OFF signals.

Long range detection

The amplifier features long range detection with just a 25 µs response time.