Digital, single-axis type, amplifier separate pressure sensor for added flexibility

  • Ultra fast response time
  • Flexible sensor head lineup with many port options
  • Sensor head can be used independently of the amplifier/controller

The DPH-100/DPC-100 expands on the highly popular DP-100 series by offering a separate amplifier configuration on top of its already impressive feature set. The two piece structure allows for unparalleled speed and flexibility by allowing the user to mount the sensing element directly to the location where it is needed. Breakthrough sensor head design, the unique, axial design of the sensor head allows for incredible mounting flexibility. Using a standard hex key, the user can easily mount several units side by side or in tight, recessed locations. Independent use of sensor head alternatively to using the DPH-100 sensor heads with the DPC-100 controller, they can be configured independently by using the head's built-in 1-5V analog output. Take the output directly to a PLC for complete control that is tailored to your individual application.