Slim, bar type ionizer for wide area coverage of in-line processes, with or without a compressed air source

With a space saving, slim, bar style design, the Panasonic ER-X static ionizer series provides highly efficient charge removal, while taking up minimal space. Utilizing a pulsed AC ionization method, it is possible to effectively remove surface charges without the need for a compressed air source; however, the option exists of adding a compressed air source for added benefits such as dust dispersion or coverage of high speed webs. This hybrid approach to the ionization of surface charges give the ER-X series unparalleled application flexibility.

  • Three charge removal modes
  • Airless, low-pressure, and high-speed modes are available for expanded application coverage
  • High speed, wide area charge removal
  • Resolves target movement issues in the presence of compressed air
  • Dual head configuration for enhanced charge area and layout expansion


Three charge removal modes

With three different charge removal modes, the ER-X Series is suited to a variety of applications. Modes include "Fast Charge Removal," "Airless," and "Low Pressure". Dual-head configurations support expanded application coverage. 

Spot type head

The spot type head allows for 0.3 seconds or less charge removal time with pulse AC method. 


Air supply port for flexible applications

With a internal air tube for air supply, the ER-X Series supports airless and low-pressure charge removal without blowing away tiny work places. 


Bar type head

The bar type head, also featuring high and low temperature resistant models, offers a variety of models with a flat discharge surface for easy cleaning. 


Ultra-slim head

The ER-X Series features an entirely redesigned discharge needle for an ultra-compact slim head. Combining high-speed charge removal and a maintenance-saving design the ER-X Series is ideal for a variety of applications. 


Easy needle replacement

The removable discharge needle unit featuring a set of four needles simplifies maintenance and makes it easy to replace needles as needed.  


Dual head configuration

Combine multiple heads in a the new dual configuration controller for simultaneous connection of bar type and spot type heads to improve efficiency. 


All-in-one model




Preventing electrostatic damage during bonding

Removal of static charges on laminate film

Charge removal and dust removal while separating TAB protective film.

Removing dust during instrument panel assembly

High-speed charge removal on a taping machine

Prevention of part feeder clogging

Charge removal of molded plastic components on a conveyor belt

Removing dust during food product cup transport

Airless charge removal of minute components on a conveyor belt

High-speed charge removal on FPCs

Charge removal and dust removal of digital camera cases on a conveyor belt

Preventing adhesion of molded parts to molds