Threaded miniature photoelectric sensor for easy installation

The EX-30 series of photoelectric sensors offers a fresh new alternative to traditional fiber optic sensors. Unparalleled in its ease of installation, this sensor is highly effective for basic production line sensing. The EX-30 is offered in thru-beam and diffuse reflective types both of which have available sensitivity adjustment built in. The thru-beam type has a long-range version that senses up to 800mm and the diffuse reflective type has a sensing distance of 50mm. By offering a built-in amplifier, no longer is there an issue of finding a location on your machine for an external amplifier. This feature also allows for the sensor cabling to be more robust and flexible, virtually eliminating any cable related issues during installation and usage.

  • An alternative to fiber sensors
  • Threaded tip for simple installations
  • Diffuse includes sensitivity adjuster for easy set-up
  • Simple design with combined mounting hole solves weak points of fiber sensors
  • 0.5ms high speed response time ideal for small objects
  • Globally usable 
  • Installation the same as standard fibers
  • Features high binding strength so no protective tube is needed
  • Incorporates a bright 2-color indicator in all types
  • Includes a sensitivity adjuster for fine adjustments


Electric power saving

The EX-30 Series reduces power consumption up to 65% and contributes to environmental friendliness. 


Long range sensing

The EX-30 Series features long distance sensing with the thru-beam type sensing up to 500mm and the reflective type sensing up to 50mm.



New features

Thru-beam types now feature an operation mode switch and a sensitivity adjuster. 


Easy to install

The EX-30 Series can be install with a single screw, cutting installation work in half. 


Space efficient

With no need for a bending radius, the EX-30 Series takes up very little space and can be installed alongside conveyors.


Inverter countermeasure

The EX-30 Series features an incorporated inverter countermeasure circuit to protect against inverter and extraneous light.



With an IP67 (IEC) rating, the EX-30 Series can be used in process lines where water is used or splashed.



Detecting IC height

Detecting quantity of labels in magazine

Checking IC pins (using slit masks)