Pocket-size ultra-compact programmable logic controller for use in extremely narrow spaces

Large capacity program/data memory

Program capacity: 32 k steps max. Data register: 32 k words max. 80 ns / step (ST instruction)
* Within a range of 0 to 3,000 program steps

Multi-axis control available without expansion units

Built-in pulse outputs for four axes (50 kHz max. each)

Ultra-high speed processing

Battery-less automatic backup of all data

The F type has a built-in FeRAM, industry's first, that allows the automatic saving of all data without a backup battery


New and improved analog unit

The completely redesigned FP0R analog unit brings improved performance and extended functions, including the ability to be used with other PLCs outside of the FP0R series, the ability to transition to multi-channel systems, and the ability to select from 5 input ranges and 6 output ranges. 

Ultra-compact control unit

At 90mm in height and 25mm in width, the FP0R control unit is the smallest in its class, even with multiple expansion units. 


Multi-axis control

With built-in pulse outputs for four axes, multi-axis control is available without expansion units. 


Monitor operation status remotely

The FP0R series features network capability for remote operation status monitoring via web browser. 


Analog I/O unit

Included in the FP0R series lineup is the compact analog I/O unit with one analog output and two analog input channel to communicate between up to 24 channels.