Easy installation vacuum-resistant fibers with one-touch connection system

Panasonic introduces the brand new FV-FR Series of vacuum-resistant fibers featuring the one-touch connection system for vacuum chamber object positioning and detection. The FV-FR Series features a diverse range, with vacuum fibers in every type for any application; and 1 or 4 channel options for the vacuum resistant flange.  


One-touch connection simplifies set up

The FV-FR Series features one-touch connection to enable easy connection and disconnection of fibers one by one or at the same time. 


Reduced working hours

One-touch connection allows easy set up by simply inserting the fiber into the flange to connect the fiber in one second. 

Vacuum-resistant 4CH/1CH flange

With the flange connection system, only one drill hole is required for installation, reducing the possibility of leakage and saves space. 

Leakage seal construction

The FV-FR Series utilizes leakage seal construction with built-in glass wires inside the flange to allow transmission of only light to the vacuum side. 


Improved product quality

The vacuum side fiber and flange are cleaned and vacuum baked for the reduction of outgas to improve product quality.


Customizable fiber length

Specify fiber length in 100mm increments for both the emitting and receiving side. 



Detection of glass seating on robot hand

Detection of semiconductor wafer

Detection of passing glass

Detection of presence/absence of glass