Easy to use fiber optic sensor with improved stability

The new Panasonic FX-551 digital fiber sensor series significantly improves stability and operation ease.

  • 3X emission power improves stability and makes it ideal for dusty environments
  • 1.6X longer sensing range than conventional models
  • Improved ease of use for all models
  • Ambient light intensity control setting helps reduce noise from other lighting in the area
  • Quick disconnect cables enable reduced wiring
  • IO Link versions available


Ample sensing distance even with thin fiber

The FX-551 series features a sensing range 1.6x longer for thin type reflective than that of a conventional product.

When the hysteresis is the same, the higher incident light intensity results in more stable detection.

Easy beam axis adjustment

The sensor features higher emission power, which prevents slight beam axis deviation from causing problems. The sensor is ideal for use in dusty areas or for detection through an extremely small slit.

Equipped with a module to minimize the effect of ambient light

When the environment resistance mode in the emission frequency setting is activated, the ambient illuminance for LED lights becomes 2.5 times higher than in normal mode, reducing erroneous detections caused by LED lights.

Simplified functions for improved operation ease

The FX-551 series is equipped with only basic functions for ease of use.

MODE NAVI + Direct Setting

MODE NAVI utilizes three indicators plus a dual display to show the amplifiers operations. The current operation mode can be confirmed at a glance.

NAVI display

Direct Setting

Functions in PRO mode

  • PRO 1: Response time setting, timer setting, shift amount setting
  • PRO 2: Teaching lock setting, digital display item setting, digital display turning setting, Eco setting
  • PRO 3: Display adjustment setting, reset setting, emission frequency setting, threshold value tracking setting

No need to specify a main unit or sub unit

All FX-500 amplifiers can be used as either a main unit or sub unit, distinguished only by the cable.

Wire-saving, space-saving

Quick-connection cables reduce the amount of wiring needed, saving space and reducing set-up time.