High-performance proximity sensor with full feature range

  • High performance 3.3 kHz response frequency
  • Sensitivity adjustment for high precision
  • Amplifiers can be connected to other Panasonic/Sunx sensors for wire savings

The GA-311 series of inductive proximity sensors provides a high performance solution in a full-featured separate amplifier configuration. With a 3.3kHz response frequency, the GA-311 series is suitable for high-speed metal sensing applications. All of the sensor heads are IP67g rated, so they are resilient in harsh environments including water, oil, dust, or dirt. Sensor heads range from the ultra small GH-2SE, with a 2.8mm diameter, to the long range GH-F8SE, with a detecting distance of 4mm.

The GA-311 amplifier utilizes the one-touch connection interface that is common to other Panasonic/Sunx products such as the FX-300 series fiber optic sensor or the LS laser sensor. This allow for the GA-311 to be connected together with your other sensors to save power supply wiring. Large operation and disconnection alarm indicators are incorporated into the amplifier for easy determination of output status as well as faults in the wiring of the sensor head.


IP67G sensor head varations

The GH-311 series lineup features 5 different models of sensor heads, from an ultracompact 5 mm diameter type to a spatter resistant type. Almost all heads feature an IP67G protection rating for use in adverse environments.

Excellent workability and ease of maintenance

All sensor heads feature the same form as the FX-300 series of fiber sensors, so that fiber sensors and laser sensor can all be used together and less wiring and power supply is required.

Labor-saving by one-touch connections

The connection between the sensor head and the amplifier utilizes a quick-connection connector, eliminating the need for wire connections using a screwdriver.

Disconnection alarm indicator and operation indicator


Detecting small metal parts

Detecting rotation of a gear